Is not allowed in many holy sites around the world because that's where they get all the evidence that supports the religion loll lol. For example say Mecca

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  • I agree and disagree with you OP. As a religious person myself I do feel a sense of comfort in my religion, I still do believe in a God, etc. But I also agree with scientific studies and the like. Just because some people are religious doesn't mean they don't accept science or facts. I think that's a very unfair misconception. I also think it's very ignorant and distasteful of certain non-believers to bash religious people so harshly. I personally don't bash atheists because I feel like everyone has a free will to believe what they wish. If you guys don't believe in God that's your decision and I respect that, just respect the people who do believe please. The same also goes for believers respect people's right to choose.

    Cheers <3

  • Well if only all religious people were like you s*** would be much better. It shows me I need to be less harsh as its stooping to the same level that I'm opposed to thanks.

  • You're welcome. The world would be a lot better place if people would learn to be more tolerant and less harsh when it comes to different ideals. Just because we are all different doesn't mean we cannot get along. I hope I helped!

  • Lol what benifets other from false comfort has it given anyone

  • It's a bit like American schools where no religion is allowed.

    Maybe if we all relaxed and had some religion and some science and stopped trying to deny one or the other or trying dress one up as the other.

  • Yeah that's because religion is plane wrong and needs to stfu and just die

  • Nah. It may not be scientific but that does not make it 'wrong'

  • Yes it is wrong very simple

  • It's just one ridiculous story after the other but whatever helps u sleep at night no matter the cost to us all right ..

  • THe earth is not 6 thousand years old animals evolve were not the centre of the universe Jesus is irrelevant and does not have magic powers the list goes on and on but you'll continue believing it because ur scared of death and have no meaning in ur life...

  • Nope it's pretty much wrong there's way too much evidence against it not to mention the motivations behind the people that promote it

  • I did like you suggested and said "Mecca!" Then a magic genie appeared, was that supposed to happen? He didn't grant wishes though. 'Cause you're still here.

  • Yeah he didn't grant my wish either maybe they'll drone bomb it eventually

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