European virgin who donated sperm

There's a young man living in Europe who is the father of fifteen boys and girls via sperm donation.

He's never had s**. He has so far never touched a woman.

He is a near University graduate with a very high IQ. He is multi-lingual and can play three musical instruments.

That's why he donated his sperm and that's why women who want to be mothers want his seed.

Sep 8, 2016

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  • Any woman can hav my sperm but il giv it the old fashioned way

  • I'm a first year medical school student, any women want my sperm?

  • Mmm sperm

  • Virgin sperm is no good. I only want sperm that's been around the block.

  • And exactly how do you know this?

  • Whoa, wait -- did you say a NEAR graduate?! Ladies, your long search is over!

  • They want introverted weirdos lol at least those ppl help humanity

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