My best friends sister wanted a baby

She was homely and divorced. Her ex husband didn't want kids but she did. At age 35 he biological clock was ticking and she asked me if I wanted to father a child for her.

Heres the problem. I shoot blanks. As a child my ability to produce viable sperm was eliminated with steroid use. I could e******** but the sperm wasn't viable.

I didn't tell her this. I had s** with her for about a year until she finally got pregnant with another mans baby.

That was long ago but it bothers my conscience now.

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  • I would love to meet a woman who wants me to father her baby. Sorry u were not able to knock her up due to your medical condition.Maybe you should have told her you had blanks. Some online black woman asked me to knock her up this month because hubby shoots blanks.But then she disappeared.Another white woman did the same. She disappeared too after I agreed.

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