Am I that bad ??

I am 21 and been working in my new job for 6 months nearly the pay is fantastic and company benefits are great my boss whom I work for was on the panel to give me the job I'm his PA but must admit Im flirty in a harmless way he finds me attractive I know he's married with two children he's 48 and I have give him 2 handjobs and I know I shouldn't but I want to progress and he told me he can help me, is this really naughty or me just using what I've got as a young free 21yr old trying to climb my up the ladder ??

Sep 8, 2016

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  • Yeah you're a s**** ass w****. Low life

  • If it helps ur carear a bit of whoring no harm evry girl does it

  • No, not every girl does it. Only incels believe that.

  • Soon hel want more its up 2 u love if u think its worth it

  • A handjobs not much to worry about and your single he's the one in the wrong so if you take advantage that's up to you and not your boss thinking with his c*** (like most men) f38

  • Hes not wrong what man wouldnt do the same

  • Ur not bad ur just a w****

  • The kind of career my wifey would like.

  • U r not bad i think ur a smart lady

  • Keep it up but dont give the next level for free, payrise before b******, promotion before s**

  • Yeah, do what this person says.

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