First of all, I just wanna say that when your out in the field your not always going to be good as you want to be ..
So there I was working during a night shift. The place of business i was at had a busy parking lot & every other night i noticed this cadillac would roll pass me and wave. I couldn't see inside the car because all i saw was this shadow of a person waving at me. Until one night Im in the parking lot again and this time the cadillac rolls up & takes a nearby parking space. But i couldnt stick around to see who was in it because I got called over to other side of the building to take care of something ..
So the next night im walking the parking lot and this black woman walks up to me and describes how bad the area we were in was bad because she had gotten her car broken into ..I said what kind of car you have? she said "that cadillac over there" she said "by the way Im Afro D, im the one waving at you all the time"
She said "take my number down & if you call i'll send you a pic of me"
So I ended up callin her & we talked for a minute then she sent me a half naked pic ..
Flash foward, a week later she invited me to a party that her friend through in a suite .. we were in there drinking, smoking, chatting with everybody in there. Then we went inside the bathroom & thats where she teased me by having me stand behind her while she would bend down and touch her toes .. i would say "wow babe yo booty is enormous" .. she said "you wait until I get you in bed" then mentions how she used to be a stripper then decided to be a nurse ..
Flash forward to the next weekend .. She calls me to party at her sisters house. While were there she says "were only going to be here for a minute because im waiting for my sons to leave my house" ..
Shortly after she gets a call then hangs up and says "alrite there gone lets head over to my house". So we left her sisters house.
We finally get to her house and she says "just make yourself at home, i'm just gonna change into something more comfortable"
So im in her room drinking cranberry juice & vodka .. Then she steps in the room with a short nightgown on ..
I must've raised her arms in the air & peeled it right off of her ..
Good god .. her hourglass shape was mind blowing .. D cup natural's, a flat stomach, wide hips, thunder thighs & huge ass ..
So she bends herself where half of her is on the bed as she still standing on the floor with her ass lined up with my crotch ..
So i undressed, dropped my boxers & put the condom on .. Then i gentlly kissed her back all the way up to her neck .. as i was doing that my hands were caressing her hips .. then as i made it back up to her neck i whispered in her ear "get in the bed babe" ..
She climbed up in bed & said "how do you want it baby?" so she positioned herself in doggy style & whoa! Her booty was enormous then she flips over then lays on her back & opens up her thunder thighs .. once i saw that big p**** open up i dived right into her ocean .. she then tongue kissed me then threw her legs behind her head ..
I then whisperd in her ear "gimmie some doggystyle" ..
She then flipped over on her stomach, arched her back & stuck that big ass in my face .. i must've pounded the s*** outta her from behind .. then asked if i we can continue in her living room ..
She said "sure baby c'mon lets go in the living room" she had a luxury spacious condo so she had a long hallway .. as were walking down the hallway her ass was just wobbling & switching from side to side .. we went from f**** on the furniture to doggystyling her on the floor .. at the end of it she said i made her c** five times .. then from that point on she kept calling me to come see her everytime to get busy .. then she ended up moving out of state due to a career change & i never saw her again ever since ..
Ive only told a few friends that story but ive never told my loved ones because it'll devaste them because its hard being a stand up guy all the time that can do no wrong in the eyes of some people ..

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  • Was her p**** shaved

  • No, but she had perfectly trimmed bush ..

  • Lol well if felt like a dream, but fortunately for me it was a reality so deal with it lol ..

  • I think u were dreaming

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