Emotional Blackmail

I am so tired of my mother. She does not treat me like an adult and will not let me have my independence. I am a recent graduate who has not landed a job yet and I had to live back home just to have a roof over my head for the time being. I hate it. She's always trying to tell me what to do, when to go out, how to act, etc. As my parent I realize that I am in her home and I do my best to respect her and her home while I am here but her trying to control every aspect of my life is driving me to the breaking point. I'm sick of it and I wish she would just see me as an adult and realize that she cannot tell me when and where I can go. She has issues with me applying to jobs farther way because it's "dangerous". I believe this is just a ploy to get me to stay here with her. I feel trapped. I pray every night that I can leave here and get my own place. My father left us when I was 17 and my mother lost her job at the same time, so I believe she's clinically depressed but won't get help. She has no job. Cannot drive. She's dependant on me to take her places and guilt trips me into doing whatever she wants because if not I am a "disrespectful child". I feel so guilty for wanting my freedom but I feel like if I don't get away our relationship will get worse and I will end up snapping. I can't take this emotional burden anymore. I cannot be her crutch. I want my own life. I want to not feel guilty when want to go out, when I want to date people or when I want to move away. I have a job interview next week and I pray to God that I get it. I can't deal with this much longer.


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  • Sucking on the tittts of dependence

  • So sad. I'm so sorry. It's easy to get sucked into their pit of dependancy. Good luck with your independance.

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