I've been a little harsh

In past confessions against religious ppl my bad. From my perspective nature is way more amazing and complicated than anything any religion has ever made up. If u let urself be free to not know everything ur gaze on ur own and everyone else's existence widens greatly. U understand how delicate and interconnected we are with everyone and everything on this pale blue dot and how with a very simple process being repeated pretty much to invinity(algorythm) which is pretty much evolution all of life's diversity can be created from pretty much nothing. It's likely that we are part of a multiverse not a universe from the data collected from the particle collider which makes it look like even with as much as we know we don't know s***.

Sep 9, 2016

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  • Remember: what happens in vegas stays in vegas

  • Herp

  • Unless it's the hero and then it comes back

  • There are lots of shitheads around and u are one

  • Put a gun in ur mouth and pull he trigger u f***** b****

  • I don't have any denomination.However, I do respect people's religious beliefs, because everyone has a right, to believe in, whatever they want.
    I still have an open mind, as it's good to be open-minded about everything.
    However, I respect the fact, that not everyone is like that. Live and let live - Each to their own! :()
    Embrace life in general and people/animals x

    One love and respect :)

  • It's the let live part that most people miss tell me what does infidel mean and what does a particular book say to do with them;)

  • I am an unbeliever of any religious doctrine. But, that doesn't mean, I don't respect people's personal religious beliefs.Like I said, everyone has the right to belief in, whatever they choose. And I respect that. Just because I don't follow a religious belief system, doesn't mean I'm going to disrespect a person's religious belief system and it doesn't mean I'm going to judge them, either.
    I follow my own belief system :)

  • Your an unbeliever how the f*** is that the case if u respect these retarded ideas that continue to f*** over humans

  • For religion to go away ppl need to be embarrassed about their own ignorance....denial is very powerful...if u really believe in the whole heaven thing why are u crying that ur mom dad brother died if u r going to get to see them when u die....because u know that it's bullshit it's like Santa Claus except u never f****** snap out of it

  • I don't believe in god myself but keep in mind that humans beings were formed by nature and it was our naturally created brains which created religion in the first place. While it's fine to disagree with the thoughts of other humans, I don't find any gain in discrediting the beliefs that arise in the thoughts of others. That's all part of the interconnectivity you speak of. It's perfectly natural that we insignificant humans want to find a scapegoat for what grieves us and some higher power to praise when things are going good. Many humans wish to believe they are infallible so of course we created gods that are omnipotent and invisible so that they can never be quantifiably proven to not exist. Then over time we create stories about the punishments you will receive for even questioning their existence.

  • I hav b sc b a h dip but i dont hav a clue what ur saying

  • F*** off c***

  • Please improve your grammar and punctuation.It would benefit your readers and yourself.I'm aware, we all make grammatical and punctuation errors, from time to time.But if you can help it, become more literate.

  • Wow, that's an awful lot of commas you got there, buddy.

  • At least I'm aware of my grammatical errors and try to improve them. If I'm not, I like constructive criticism to make changes of improvement. There's always room, for improvement.

    Thank you kindly, for subtly pointing them out to me :) Like I stated previously, everyone makes mistakes. But the literacy skills of the person I commented on, was appalling!! Don't you agree?

  • Who the f*** cares this is a online post......

  • I didn't expect it to.

  • That still doesn't change my point of view.

  • Whatever helps u sleep lol

  • In a parallel universe, there is a version of you that is very religious.

  • Yep but in this one I'm able to use my brain :)

  • Nice!

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