Way out of line

I must confess to something, and im not sure how it will go down, but its eating me up.
Firstly, im married, with children, with whom i love very much. My confession woukd destroy everthing, hence why im here.

2 weeks ago, I went on a stag do to amsterdam, whilst obviously very drunk, and having a good time, some of the group decided to find prostitutes...
I was reluctant, but tagged along none the less, once in a notorious part for that kind of thing, others found what they where looking for; me however found myself, (thankfully) alone, until I was appoached by the most beautiful, petit, small & sexy, (as i thought) lady.
After some talking, we ended up in a room, you can probably guess what happend next, as I perfromed mind blowing s** with this incredible woman!

Until, as we finished, a man walked in, demanded £500, whilst slapping her across tbe face. I payed without hesitation, grabbed my stuff, and tried to leave, at this point, another woman come towards me, screaming, and shouting, what sounded like "shes only mine"...
I was wrong, she wasnt "only mine" it sickens me to say, she, I dont know how, was "only nine".....
I had intercourse with a nine year old!

I'am absolutley sickend, but never had a clue!

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  • First, that is the problem with the seedy parts of town. You are right to avoid them.

    SECOND: It was probably a SCAM. Think about it. The guy came in and demanded money after the fact, and he wanted a LOT.
    In order to keep you from running to the cops he had a lady run up screaming that the girl was only 9 years old. If you went to the cops you would be arrested, they wanted you to think.

    Again, that is another reason to avoid that part of town.

  • What do u care bout her age she opened her legs

  • Il bet her ass was tight did she suck

  • Dont see why it troubles u just so long as u got laid

  • But she was only 9

  • F*** her thats not ur problem she was for hire u hired hope u enjoyed

  • O yes i did enjoy she was wet and tight

  • Everybody gets laid at stag weekend what is the problem do u like them old

  • Great experience

  • What was wrong u went to stag got f***** thats al good

  • Dont worry about her u got what u wanted

  • Cradle snatcher!

  • Yes its fun 2 f*** young thing

  • Stop f****** lying

  • U should have known when u saw her p**** the light little hair lik a rabbits fur

  • Bullshit... How can you NOT tell if a girl is only 9 yrs old????? There is no way a 9 yr old can be mistaken for a 19 yr old

  • Who gives a s*** if she was 9 r 19 she tok ur load

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