Moon Home

I am secretly building a home on the moon. I've been covertly launching supplies up as tag-a-longs to rover missions and under the guise of in orbit satellite repairs over the course of the past 3 years. Most recently, in conjunction with SpaceX, I have landed a specially designed robot on the surface to work on the foundation laying and early stages of construction. Everything is underway and I myself am scheduled to land and christen at my new moon residence in 2020. I cannot wait to waive goodbye to you foolish earthlings.

Next Confession

Breath in/Deep Sigh

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  • What kind of women are on the moon. Will they let you füčk them or will you have to ** them?
    What if they ** you? How you going to act then?
    They might eat it if you put it in their mouth, so be careful.
    Write often telling us how it’s going and make videos.

  • You may think it's a secret, but the illuminati know what you are doing.

  • Well they are the only ones so chill

  • ^^^^^ do you have an avatar that rhymes with Pez?

  • How did you track me down and who exactly are you?

  • You're nasty lying ways permeate the internet even - you duck Scott

  • I'm guessing through the messages

  • I deleted them for your protection and mine :). God bless you!

  • Gesundheit

  • Bye my friend Best wishes for you

  • Did you get back in? Leave first initial to confirm avatar initial.

  • Tell us more Rocket Man

  • Your departure of will improve the average intelligence of both locations

  • What awaits us?

  • Are you Branson, US Military, Brad Pitt, or crazy? Why is there a revenge tag on this post?????

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