Macho men cry too

I get teary eyed over silly stuff like the final battle between sailor moon and evil queen beryl in the first season of sailor moon
and the final winning song by the bellas in pitch perfect

there is just this swell of emotion/joy bursting out through my eyes

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  • I get really sad for silly things too, I have managed to bottle it up better recently but when dogs die or something I get really sad.

  • I used to think i could get a girlfriend like sailor moon.but all the girls and women i knew,became uncaring,and girl,who i used to be friends with,was sooo pretty.but i looked at her mother,she was fat and ugly.and an alocoholic.this girl i went out with was just starting to become an alcoholic,soooo i diched her,and became single ever since.she had a a****** boyfriend,before she ever met me,so when this girl is in her 40's and 50's.she will be fat and i am glad i dumped her,before she could hurt me anymore.nooooo sailor moon for me in this life.

  • When I was a boy I cried a lot. I was very emotional. My mother would call me names and insult me until I finally broke down and cried. Then she would usually hug me and tell me she was sorry and that she didn't mean it. She would go off on violent mood swings depending on how much drugs she had in her system. She would berate me and make me feel like crap until finally one day I said enough is enough. I will not let her make me cry anymore. No one can make me cry. Nothing will make me cry. Any negative feelings I have I just bury. I may have a nervous breakdown one day but I will not cry.

  • It's okay. I am a guy who cries REALLY easily haha. I always feel very silly, but people usually think it's endearing. I'm just a really sentimental person. Two things will make me cry like a little baby: goodbyes and music. It's not feminine to cry. Everyone does it. It's unhealthy that we teach boys not to cry, they end up bottling and then unleashing their emotions in unwanted ways.

  • I'm a guy and cry too but will never admit it to anyone.

  • Macho men don't watch anime.

  • I am not a macho man,but i love anime.i am in my 30's,and i still watch kids movies from my childhood.sailor moon is the girl i will never have in real life.but she is awesome and hot.even robot chicken agrees that sailor moon is the hottest anime girl,sailor moon is hotter than lacus clyne.Lacus Clyne vs Sailor Moon,who is hotter,well sailor moon is hotter.robot chicken saw that sailor moon is hoteer than any anime girl.

  • Macho men are actually insecure little boys who are unsure of their manhood and lack real self confidence in themselves to a point where they need to put on a front for everyone to make themselves appear that they are something that they really are not! Real Men are totally opposite of the macho man image....

  • What the f*** is sailor moon?

  • An anime look it up on google you might be one of the few people who do not know that show

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