Hold my wee

Sitting here at work with a full bladder. Getting more and more desparate. I'm wearing an adult diaper just in case. Sometimes I get lazy and sort of dribble into it. Usually though I just try and hold on as long as possible and then go to the toilet at the very last minute. The diaper sometimes is needed if I dont make it but usually I try hard not to let go. It's a huge challenge and an addiction. I've done it off and on all my life. As a teen I used to try and make it through the whole school day without using the toilet and at home I used to try to not get up and wee in the middle of the night. Occasional wet bed but rare. More usually I would as now, lie thee in bed desparate to go and watching the clock and not being able to get back to sleep but not wanting to get up either.

Then I go through a phase of think how stuppid and immature and disgusting I am and vow never to do it again and then eventually I start doing it.

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  • I feel the same, but then I enjoy letting go the huge amount of p*** into my pants. My husband loves it and it always leads to s**. I have ruined many pieces of furniture, but the s** is worth it. Some days I manage to hold it all day, but many a times traffic has resulted in me soaking the car seat. Fortunately, it's a convertible, which helps with the smell. In fact, sometimes, now I p*** in the car on the way home on purpose. WHY? Because it feels good. Have you tried going without a diaper? It could make for a much more exhilarating moment.

  • I did not wear diapers when I was a teen so there was no option but to hold it. I had made some home made diapers as a teen. Only started wearing diapers regularly in the last few years. I have never been game to wet on furnature.

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