Diapered at 14

I had to stay with my grandma for a while when I was 14 due to some family issues. I had stayed there many times before. When I was younger I wet the bed often and still had daytime accidents sometimes. By 14 I didn't wet the bed anymore but I did wet my pants less than a year before. Still my grandma remembered all of that and wasn't taking any chances, so she had bought some Youth diapers "just in case," mostly for night but I wound up wearing them during the day too. For a couple of weeks I woke up dry and ended up just wearing the diaper well into the day, but still using the toilet. Then one day we were at the zoo. I was wearing a diaper under my shorts and had been walking around for quite a while. I had to go really bad and was going to tell my grandma, intending to use the toilet, but then I saw this other girl across the way with her mom. She was about 7ish and they were standing there while she appeared to be doing the pee pee dance. My grandma was sitting on a bench with me standing next to her, and I saw the girl squat down. I could see her diaper through the leg openings of her shorts, and knew her mom must have decided to diaper her for the day too. I assumed she was peeing and I smiled as I watched her, wondering if I should just ... and then I squatted too, and started to pee. It felt so good to just go. I noticed people looking at me as they walked by and wondered if they knew. My grandma did, and when I stood up she checked my diaper right there. We left right about then and she changed my diaper at home. After that I started to just use my diaper almost all the time. I lived with my grandma for almost a year before returning home. By then I basically of had to potty train all over again.

Oct 1, 2021

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  • Hi your stoy brought back some old embarassing memories when i was 13 and on a trip the zoo with my aunt and cousin, i have posted in on here

  • I dont know but I think my story that i wrote about that got deleted, so i hope its okay if i post it here again.

    I was 13 years when my aunt invited me to visit the zoo with her and my younger cousin who was 6.

    The day before she called my mom and explained she has some stress with her daughter(my cousin) who refused to wear pull ups for that trip. Because she didnt want me to think of her as a baby, So she asked for permission if she could tell her about my secret, that i was still a bedwetter, hopefully it would make it easier for her to convince her daughter.

    So my mom gave me the phone where my aunt explainedme the situation again.

    I didnt really liked the idea, cause for me it was bad enough that my aunt allredy knew about my nightime problem and my little cousin was stil adoring me and i didnt wanted her to think any less of me as well ( so somehow similar)

    So my aunt came up with a different, but somehow similar idea, I would wear a pull up to the zoo just like my cousin but we would tell her that i only doit to show her that its absolutly no big deal to wear something like that...even when you are a big girl who absolutly has no accidents anymore, neither night or day.

    Of course i also didnt liked that idea as well, but my aunt begged me for so long untill i agreed.

    So in the next morning my parents brought me to my aunts house were we arrived justin time for the discussion while getting dressed.

  • Part 2:
    My aunt told her the story and to prove i even had to show her the pull up i was wearing.

    My cousin was smart for her age and asked me where i got this from, cause of courseit was a much bigger size then hers. I struggled a bit cause i didnt know what to say but my aunt helped me out by explaining her those surely must be from a friend of mine, and i thankfully copied her story.

    Anyway, my cousin was now convinced and we finaly could drive to the zoo, wereit was really cool.

    Sometimes my aunt was checking on my cousins pull up where she protested that she also need to check me, but thankfully my aunt reminded her that istill was wearing them only to make her feel better and that I always can be trusted to tell when i need to go.

    I was really relieved, getting checked in public just like her really would have been to embarassing.

    So the day wenton and after we had seen all the animals we also arrived at a section with some rides.

    I was in line for a rollercoster where i noticed i really had to pee and I remembered about my pull up and thought "when i allready have to wear that stupid thing i also could use it for advantage, cause iguessed without them i would have to leave my place in line to get tothe toilets...so i just let it go...

    When i met my aunt and cousin again, she got another check and was wet, so we had to take her to the changing rooms.

    Inside there she pointed out that no one else was here and now she could also check on me.

  • Part 3:
    I think i was not really paying attention at this time, that i didnt noticed that my aunt agreed to this and before i could react she allready had pulled my pants down and i could only hear an astonished "ohh!"from her and also my cousin comented giggling "she really made a pee pee!"

    I quickly pulled my pants back uo but couldnt stop sobbing, i guess that made me evenmore look like a little girl.

    My aunt said icould stay in that wet pull up and asked if i brought anymore. Of course i didnt brought more.

    So we left the changing room and went to the zoo shop. where we were looking for drynites but they were sold out and the only available option were tape diapers for big kids in my size.

    After she paid for the diapers my aunt too us to the store bathroom and i had to laydown in front of my little cousin to get diapered!

    That was really one of the most embarassing days in my life, and also for the following nights my mom would put me in these diapers untill the pack was empty.

    I really dont know how i deserved that, cause i only wanted to be nice to my cousin

  • Yeah, I guess it did get deleted. I don't know why that would happen. I don't mind you posting it here though.

  • Thank you

  • I remember you asking me how long it took for my mom to re-potty train me. It basically took about two months, but really more until I completely stopped going on my pants. My mom was really upset with my grandma when she found out I was in diapers all the time and using them. She put a stop to that right away, but because I was so used to just going right away when I felt the urge, I had several accidents, some in public, like at the grocery store or mall. That was really embarrassing. She got me some Goodnites pull-ups and made me wear them while she constantly checked my pants and reminded me to go potty like I was a two year old. Eventually after about two months I got used to getting up and going to the bathroom again, but I still wore pull-ups for quite a while, and even then once in a great while I'd still forget and just go in my pants. After about 4 months went by and my mom thought I was over it, she came outside onto the patio one day and caught me squatting, and knew what that meant. After all the progress she was really upset that I just pooped in my pants. I eventually did completely stop and stopped wearing pull-ups.

  • The people walking by probably didn't think anything of it. I probably wouldn't have if I walked by you. I don't think I would have assumed you were wetting yourself. But I have to ask, did you immediately just start using your diapers or was it gradual? Did you ever p*** in them? They were supposed to be in case of accident, so what did your grandmother say when you started using them on purpose all the time?

    I wore cloth diapers and plastic pants to bed well into my teens, but never in the daytime.

  • I guess it was sort of gradual, but the very next day I was on the patio watering my grandma's hanging plants wearing just my tee shirt and my dry diaper from the night before under my shorts. I felt the need to go and didn't hesitate. I just squatted and went in my diaper and went on with what I was doing. After that I think it was a few days before I did it again but eventually it was almost all the time. My grandma was always checking me anyway, even before the zoo, so when I was doing it every day, she didn't really say anything about it, even when I did do number 2. It was like she was expecting it anyway.

  • It sounds like your grandma sort of reverse potty trained you. When did you start pooping in your diapers? It's hard to believe she didn't get upset about that.

  • My grandma had her friend Lisa over one morning. She brought her granddaughter Katie who was 3. They were in the kitchen when I got up, so I passed the bathroom and went straight to the kitchen in just my pajama top and diaper. Lisa had already seen me in a diaper before and knew I wore them at night. I ate my cereal quickly and then sat on the floor near Lisa and played with Katie. I didn't go to the bathroom before, so I immediately started to pee, but I had to p*** too. I normally wouldn't do that in my diaper but this time I did. It was solid and took some effort and a few grunts, all of which was obvious to Lisa. She told my grandma I needed to be changed because she had seen me "making poopoo faces" like Katie when she poops. My grandma asked me if I did, and I said yes, so she took me to change. She wasn't mad though, this or any other time I did it. I came back in a fresh diaper and continued to play with Katie.

  • Are you still friends with Katie?

  • Sorry I didn't see this post before. No, I haven't seen her in a long time. I think she was around 6 or 7 the last time I saw her.

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