I make my husband wear adult diaper

I make my husband wear adult diaper. When he used to come back from the bath room, the front of his pyjama pants was wet. I would snuggle up to him and feel him and it was ikky. I told him that was really gross. One day I just bought a pack of adult diapers and told him to try one. He does not wet them but it does stop his pants getting that wet patch. I actually now enjoy snuggling up and feeling him through the diaper. Its a tease in a way and sometimes I grind against him until I c**.

Nov 25, 2014

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  • My husband was incontinent before we got married but it was never as bad as it is now. He told me that he was upset about or s** life. I thought he was having a midlife crisis. He explained to me how he thought wearing diapers to bed was taking a toll on our s** life. My husband is a difficult guy to deal with at times but seems to get overwhelmed by his incontinence. We have been married for 20 years and about 10 years ago I took the bull by the horn so to speak. He was complaining to me about me being tired dealing with the kids and sports schedules with not wanting to have s** with him. It was not the case! I was plain old tired. it's tough to be a mom. I finally just told him that s** was on my time table not his in the future. I told him that he would take a shower and alert me when he was done. I would put him on the bed put some lotion on his diaper area and perhaps a little tug here and there, always make sure he had his plastic pants on, he is a side sleeper. I would diaper him and call him my big strong man, small spank on his butt then Hand him the remote control and tell him to turn on the tv to on demand and so i could catch up on my shows. He could wait for me to get out of the shower and sometimes I let him between my legs with his tongue while i watched my shows, nothing more exciting that looking at his bald head between my legs and telling him how and where to put his tongue. Sometimes I would let him suck on my b**** if he helped me with the dishes or did a good job fixing something around the house, most of the time it was a no go zone for him. My nipples are not sensitive at all, he might as well be sucking on my elbow !

  • You did take the bully by the horns. Obviously now that he’s diapered and kept in plastic baby panties, he has become submissive. It’s impossible to argue when you’re wearing and wetting thick cloth diapers and plastic baby panties. Take it the next step and you will completely dominate him. He hangs more s** rub the front of his wet diapers until he climaxes, do it often he will connect wetting his diapers with pleasure. Then start breastfeeding him two or three times a day you will soon lactate bonding baby and mommy ever closer. Turn a spare room into his nursery complete with adult size crib and changing table. Let us know how it works out. Husband’s should be diapered 24/7, don’t you agree?

  • By all means diaper j24/7 when out of the house hire a 16 ur old babysitter to change his s wet diapers feed him bab banas every hour and hebe her she has to n feed her m on a high-chair buy him an adult size crib and some bolly. Add frilly plastic rumba panties add a short skirt to highlight his new panties. He will melt.

  • I agree

  • Absolutely all males should be kept in diapers and plastic baby panties and breastfeed twice a day. Baby panties should be pink and lavender and rumba plastic baby panties are a must to highlight there thick diapers and sissy panties. If you do this your males will be totally submissive and powerless. Feed them baby bottles hourly to become incontinent quickly rub the front of their wet diapers through their smooth plastic baby panties until the climax permanently associating wet diapers with pleasure. “Yes mommy I’ll be your sissy forever!” Will be your reward.

  • My wife keeps me in diapers because I wet the bed.

  • Do you know why you started wetting the bed ?

  • Oh by the way I forgot to say I would rather stay in wet diapers then allow my wifes mother seee me being changed. I am a man & do not want to be treated like a child just because I wet my pants.

  • I am so humiliated & upset by this type of post. I am a well hung macho man & only wet my pants a couple of times a week during the day. I accept that I need pads at night but my wife was very understanding.
    Now after reading all these posts wife puts me in night diapers like I am her child. Now she has no patients & after just 1 day time accident she diapers me. I am a man & when I demanded s** my wife rang her mother & 10 other to see if minutes later she turned up at our home & started chastising me like a child. Now when my wife wants to go out she organised her mother to come over & keep an eye on me.
    This is not how a man should be treated. I have told my wife if she refuses to let me stay home on my own, I will start wetting my pants in front of her mother to see if that gets rid of her. What else can I do to be a man in my own house?

  • Yes by all means wet your pants in front of your
    Mother-in- law! That’s showingher what a big alpha male you aren’t! If that doesn’t convince her you have the mentality of a two year old, throw a tantrum maybe she’ll buy you a rattle?
    Mommy should buy an adult size crib, changing table and playpen and baby rains you need lots more supervision. Mommy should buy a breast pump and nurse you twice a day to stimulate lactation, breastfeeding will calm you, it’s soothing.
    Keep us posted macho man.

  • So why has your wife asked her mother to watch you ?
    And does she let you put your own diapers on at night or in the day time?

  • Agree 100%

  • I love ❤️ the way you think I am diapered 24/7 I love wearing diapers. I love wetting my thick diapers and wearing my soft supple plastic baby panties. I wear an m4 diaper with three overnight size 6 baby diapers a male insert as stuffers and 2pair of clear Laytex plastic baby panties a 12 hour diaper. It becomes nice and thick as I wet unconsciously and very heavy causing it to rub against my inner thighs so I have to waddle a constant reminder that I am really a diaper loving baby. Yes all males should be kept permanently diapered and submissive.

  • (my husband was incontinent before we got married) Occasionally I would let him hump me in his diaper and maybe once every 2 weeks i would let him enter me but only from behind. Sometimes with men, even the difficult ones you have to take charge. They will get used to it and like the routine. I am happy, he is happy now and understands our s** life and his role in it. I am very affectionate with him during the day and sneak in a few butt pinches and tell him to go and change when i see his diaper is full. I purchased some special needs adaptative clothing to make them into onsies with snaps in the crotch. It is such a power position with his legs bent waiting for me to snap his onsie closed. I use that time to talk to him about trips with my girlfriends and brunches. These are things he would never listen to me during the day. Oh i just thought of it, one time he was particularly annoying to me. I was dropping him off at the airport. I had found an old spare binky I had from when the kids were younger earlier in the week cleaning out some old boxes. As i sat in the driver seat I lifted my skirt pulled my panties to the side and let him watch me as I put the binky into my p**** when he was leaving for a business trip and said, "here ya go sweetie, now i know where you will be at night in the hotel room, not out drinking with the boys". thats how you handle your husband who is a bed wetter who gets out of control !

  • I’ll bet you married him because he was a bed wetting diaper wearer. You knew you could wear the pants in the marriage and he would wear the panties, plastic baby panties of course. My girlfriend proposed to me and offered to buy me a luxury car for a wedding present the day she found out that I wear diapers to bed. It was obvious she wanted to dominate the relationship. She invited me to her home for the weekend. Plying me with the best scotch and a gourmet meal after dinner the conversation turned to her new mattress and her concern about protecting it. “I have a surprise for you,”she said, motioning me to the bedroom. On the bed was a nursery print changing pad, with triple cloth diapers in the center. She began to undress me the next thing I knew she was lifting both my ankles with one hand while slipping the massive soft diaper underneath me diaper rash cream was followed with a cloud of sweet scented baby powder. Before I knew it four diaper pins joined my thick diapers at both my hips and waist. As she drew up the clear latex nursery print plastic baby panties it occurred to me either I had too much to drink or she drugged me. The next morning I felt a cold rush of air as she unpinned my soaking wet diapers. “Good morning baby did mommy’s baby have a nice sleepy?” She cood, in a material whisper. Still not comprehending what was happening I knew I had been drugged and later discovered i was being fed lots of water pills to loose bladder control. From day one it was diapers and plastic baby panties.

  • How long ago was that ? And is she still keeping you in diapers and plastic pants? Is it only at night ?

  • I’m now diapered 24/7. After we were married. She was plying me with lots of liquids and water pills. I didn’t know about the pills until recently. I lost more and more control of my bladder. She is a high powered senior executive making incredible money. She insisted I quit my job. She bought a big house in the country and turned a suite into my nursery complete with adult size crib changing table rocking chair baby dresser stacks of diapers and plastic baby panties, and a giant playpen. Virginia hired an 18 year old high school dropout that had a baby she is breast feeding me still she is my live in babysitter. I wore diapers under my tuxedo on our wedding day and never have been allowed out of diapers since. She took my drivers license and credit cards. I live as her baby. Vibratos were used in my diapers to addict me to wearing them and hypnosis to become a total infant. Now I couldn’t live any other way. I am happy being mommy’s baby. Recently she bought me pink rumba panties with satan lace all around. They are stretched over my plastic baby panties. Then a matching short baby dress to highlight my thick diapers and pink rumba panties. She turned me into her diaper dependent sissy.

  • Diapers are awesome

  • Any tips on how to trick my wife into diapering me? She doesn’t know I love diapers and I want it to be her idea for me to wear diapers so she’s okay with it and is involved. Thanks!

  • Start drinking four glasses of water and take 3 over the counter diuretic pills before bed time you will wake up having to pee urgently let go in bed. A few nights in a wet bed she will gladly buy you diapers act like you are confused about how they go on ask her to help you. Good luck. Let us know how it works out.

  • Why not just ask her?

  • You shouldn’t trick your wife!
    But if you want to get her to suggest that you wear diapers, then I would suggest that you drink some water before bed, that way you will wake up in the night to use the toilet or wet the bed! If you are getting up 2 or 3 times in the night or wet the bed, your wife may suggest that you wear protection at night ! Job do !

  • Our daughter is 15 and still bedwetting from going thru puberty.She has been wearing cloth diapers and plastic pants to bed ever since she first started bedwetting past age 12.She has pastel colored plastic pants as well as some with babyprints on them and also two pair with ruffles across the back for holidays and special occasions.She actually likes being like a baby at bedtime!

  • Do u wear wet the nappies after she removed them I know I would

  • Great that she likes her diapers and being like a baby. Take the next step and transform her room into a nursery complete with an adult size crib and changing table. Add a rocking chair have her lye in your arms and feed her a ba ba she will wet even more put at least a triple cloth diaper on her and those cute plastic baby panties. If she enjoys the additional baby treatment. Ply her with lots of liquids then declare the big girl potty off limits. You’ll have your baby back.
    Luckily you.

  • I would love someone to do that to me, either disposable or cloth with the pastel coloured frilly pants, my wife clearly said that la nothing she is interested in

  • You dress your daughter in diaper and fancy plastic panty for special occasions? Does she give you trouble when it's time to get dressed up or does she accept being dressed like a little girl?

  • I too have my husband in nighttime nappies and vinyl panties due to his constant damp pajamas after his toilet trips. We had quite a few heated discussions on the subject but I was adamant and stood firm that he was going to be put in nappies as I was fed up of the strong aroma of stale urine on his night wear. I didn’t bother with disposable nappies I bought adult baby towelling ones with matching vinyl panties. The first night I dressed sexily and on his retire form work I persuaded him to let me undress him for a shower, it worked even to me telling him to shave his pubic hair( why not, he shaves mine ) when he came from the shower his was completely smooth from his chest to his toes, I gave him some cuddle time then suggested he try his nappies on, I smiled at him I could see he was nervous about it but I took two nappies and folded them then told him to lie on them, he hesitated, then smiling again I said come on let mommy dress you, just think about being my baby tonight. He lay down on his nappies and I powdered him then pinned him into his first adult nappies before sliding his babyish panties up over them. He stood up open legged and told me they were too thick but I told him he was not to take them off till the following morning and in fact I would be taking them off him. He accused me of controlling him but I smiled and told him if he wanted cuddles and play time then he would do as I said.
    We have a good relationship he is my baby boy when he’s not at work, I have introduced some baby clothes and a feeding bottle and dummy. He has got used to sucking his dummy after his breast feeds ( such a baby can’t get enough breast) I never thought I would be able to regress him so much.

  • Wonderful, don’t stop there, mommy. Turn a bedroom into his nursery, buy an adult size crib add a changing table with shelves for his cloth diapers and plastic baby panties paint the nursery baby blue with a Disney boarder, or go all the way, paint the nursery pink including the crib add lace trim to the cloth diapers and pink plastic plastic rumba panties with rows of white satin ruffles. Breastfeeding until you lactate, few weeks to a month. Of course he/she’ll be adorable in matching and see through baby dresses that stop at the waist to show off her thick diapers and cute rumba panties. You will have then satisfy your maternal instincts and be in full control. Call her Princess let her hair grow. Take her to the beauty parlor have them put lots of curls that m her new hairstyle. Now she deserves a reward. Have your girlfriend throw her a baby shower. Let her open each gift describing its use and how much she loves it. For example, “ I. Just love these new soft nursery print plastic baby panties they are so nice and pink, thank you Aunt Mary. “ Sissies love ❤️ to be humiliated. Can’t wait to read your reply.

  • So from damp PJ’s , you introduced nappies and vinyl pants what was his reaction when you first said about them ?
    And then how long before bed did you put him into them and did you let him use the toilet first?
    Also I guess he now wets them, so how long before his first wet nappy?

  • He tried to sneak out of bed to the bathroom. I grabbed him. Told him, if you try that again no more s**. He wet his diaper. So he would not be tempted. I purchased several pairs of locking plastic baby panties, some 🧷 pink nursery prints and a dozen plastic baby rumba panties with rows of delicate lace on the back. I gave him lots of liquids in baby bottles so he’s wet most of the time now. I got a family doctor to say he is permanently disabled. So he is now in diapers and baby panties permanently. I use a vibrator on the front of his saturated diapers now he loves his diapers and all the attention. Thanks for asking.

  • I had a similar thing like that in my youth. When I was young, my mom would always put my younger brother and I in diapers if the car trip was longer than two hours. She didn't want to take any risks and it wasn't really negotiable. Once I was 13 it wasn't mandatory anymore. Even though it wasn't mandatory anymore, my mom would still ask me if I would like to wear them. About half the time I would say yes. Same thing for my brother. By the time he was 13, it was his choice and half the time he would also say yes. I remember wearing adult diapers for an 8 hour car ride when I was 16. Fun times.

  • I just love my diapers. Love to wear my bunny soft triple cloth diapers incasing my genitalia straining and rubbing agains my inner thigh as I move I often c** in my soaking wet diapers. My soft supple. Latex baby panties keep baby dry on the outside, but nose and soaking wet on the inside Mommy breastfeeds me while rubbing the front of my warm wet diapers I’m in baby heaven.

  • I too was put back in nappies and plastic pants when I was thirteen, I went to a sleepover with a school friend only to find out he was a bed wetter, he was so embarrassed to have to admit his mom still put him in nappies every night. I promised him his secret would be safe with me, and after he came back downstairs in his pjs he told me his mom wanted me to get ready for bed. I nervously went upstairs and in Marks bedroom she was ther waiting for me, I immediately told her I didn’t need nappies on but she told me to calm down and let her get me ready for bed. I felt nervous as she started to undress me like a toddler she told me she had spoken to my “ mommy “ and as Mark would be sleeping over with me next weekend I would need to get used to having nappies put on me I couldn’t believe mom would let me be put back in nappies at my age. Mark’s mom gently put me onto the changing mat then pulling my under pants off me she said she would put some nice cream on me, I lay back nervously as I felt her spreading cream all over my pubic area then after a minute wiping me with cool wet wipes even lifting my legs to wipe alround me bottom and s******. She sprinkled sweet scented baby powder on me then pinned the double nappies on me. I felt my face burning as she asked me to a stand up so she could put my panties on me , they were childish printed with little teddy bears I couldn’t believe I was back in nappies as she fitted them over my nappies tucking all the excesses under tight elasticated edges. I had let her do this to me and not once complained, she held a footed sleeper open for me , I told her I had my own pjs but she said “ they won’t fit over your nappies baby boy come on let’s get you nice and snuggly, submissively I let her dress me into the childish sleeper then walk me back downstairs where Mark sat watching tv I get my face flush as I suddenly realised I looked more babyish then he did, at least he had proper boys pjs on which hid his nappies.

  • The stretch sleeper I was it added to the humiliating nappies I had been put in. Later as we shared a bed Mark asked me how I felt about being put back in nappies and was I going to use them, I told him it was embarrassing having his mom undress me but the nappies weren’t so bad but no way was I going to wet the I was not a baby. He bet me I would be wet the following morning. The next morning as we went down stairs I heard his mom on the phone and I realised she was talking to my mom her words rang in my ears as she said “ no no he was a little poppet, he just let me undress him and I cleaned him up and put him in his nappies without so much as a word.
    At the breakfast table I suddenly needed to pee , Marks mom had already asked if I was wet and blushing I told no but as I asked to be excused for the toilet she told me to eat my breakfast, I again told her I needed to pee and made to get up but she firmly told me to sit back down and use my nappies as that was what they were for. I felt my face flush as I had to let go and as she came and patted my shoulder saying good boy, that wasn’t so bad was it, I sat there in warm wet nappies the seat of them sticking to my damp bottom. It was so embarrassing as she changed me and it was then that I noticed she had regressed me into a little boy again. I had no pubic hair, like Mark I was babyishly smooth.
    Back home on Sunday mom asked if I had enjoyed myself I told her it was ok then smiling she asked me about Marks mom putting me in nappies and had I wet them. I blushed as I told her it wasn’t to bad but didn’t admit to wetting them. I think she already knew I had wet them as she told me I would be in them again next weekend and she was going to get me some new pjs that would fit over them. She showed me a photo of me which Marks mom had sent her, I looked so babyish in my footed sleeper. It became a regular weekend treatment alternate weekends I wet my nappies and those weekends I was treated like a toddler.

  • Mark’s mommy wanted him to stay a baby and she infantilelized you too. My grandma did the same to her three children and me too when I was almost 6 years old. Fed me baby food and bottles in a high chair. For almost 2 weeks. Mommy had to keep me in diapers day and night for a long time before I again wore big boy underwear during the day, but never got dry at night. Whenever I visited my daddy’s house I was quickly diapered and treated like a baby. I slept in an adult sized crib. Grandma taught my wife to diaper me and gave her a supply of diapers and plastic nursery print baby panties. I sleep in that same adult size crib and constantly wet my diapers. My 2 teenage boys are still in night diapers and weekends too, having only been potty trained during daytime. Mommy/ wife love’s to nurture us boys. Like grandma she believes all males should be kept in diapers. I have to admit my boys never got into drugs or any kind of trouble. I still love the intimacy when my wife takes my ankles in one hand and slides my thick diapers underneath my bottom spreads the sweet baby lotion on my diaper area and snugly pins my soft double diapers on. Lovingly dusts my plastic baby panties before pulling them over my diapers while I drink my warm bottle, it really relaxes me I never am stressed!

  • Good for you. You don’t seem upset, so I assume you adjusted to wearing diapers as you said she regressed you. That also happened to me. I wasn’t wetting my bed for years I wasn’t wearing diapers. Then at almost 6 years old my father took me to the city for my aunts wedding. I was supposed to stay a week but it turned into 10 days. Mother and father were divorced when I was almost 3. After supper he took me and my brother upstairs to bed. I protested because I stayed up much later. He diapered me, I kicked and screamed to no avail for the entire 10 days I was kept in diapers given baby bottles constantly so I would wet, I did loose control and diapers became an addiction to this day. Baby food, bibs high on chairs were all part of the program. Decades latter I am a ABDL.

  • A month or so ago I broke my left leg pretty badly and my wife is currently helping me with recovery. The bathroom was a big issue, since ours can only be reached using stairs. With all the medication I was taking my wife had to help me down those stairs every few hours or so. The doctor suggested using bedpans but my wife said that she found them disgusting and came up with the idea of adult diapers instead. I was not thrilled by it, but with everything she did for me I didn't want to argue.
    I thought she would buy something like the incontinence briefs they advertise on TV but instead I got cloth diapers and see-through yellow plastic pants. She said these hold a lot more and don't leak but they also look really infantile. Using them was problematic at first but it quickly got easier.
    By now things have settled into a routine. I wake up with a wet diaper more often than not. My wife takes it off and helps me to the bathroom for number two (at least I am still allowed to do that into the toilet) before putting me into a fresh diaper. Then she leaves while I boot up the computer to do some work myself. By the time she comes back in the afternoon my diaper is usually soaked, so she changes me before starting dinner. After dinner we settle down on the couch until she decides it's time for bed, whereupon I am changed into a fresh night diaper and escorted up to the loft. Previously this was when we would have s** but it has not happened since I started wearing diapers and I am starting to worry.
    I don't feel like the man of the house anymore, I am taken care of like a baby. Weirdly my wife seems happy with the arrangement. She even seems to enjoy changing me. I brought up going back to 'normal' when my cast gets replaced with a lighter one in a few days but she wouldn't hear of it. She said that it would be still too dangerous and I could fall down the stairs making everything worse. She has a point but reading through this page has me worried she has ulterior motives.

  • My wife makes me wear diapers 24 7 now

  • Sorry but why does she make you wear diapers 24/7 now? And how did she inform you ?

  • How is your leg ?

  • Yeah, sorry I haven't updated this for a while, things have been kind of hectic.
    Getting my cast removed took longer than anticipated, I had trouble getting an appointment due to the current situation. I finally got rid of it about seven weeks ago, but at least there is no lasting damage and now everything is back to normal - apart from the diaper thing.
    When the cast came off, me and my wife sat down and had a long talk about it. She admitted to enjoy seeing me diapered and dependent on her, but also made me admit that I like being taken care of. Eventually I agreed to keep her in charge of my toileting habits, and I have been kept in diapers ever since.
    My control is continuing to decrease. I am an actual bedwetter now. I rarely have more than one or two dry nights a week, and almost never wake up for my night wettings.
    I no longer have any normal underwear, but she bought me some pull-up style adult training pants to wear when I want to be more discreet. I can use the toilet with them, although I had a lot of close calls and a few genuine accidents while going out. The weird thing is, I am starting to feel anxious when wearing them, they can't hold as much as the thick cloth diapers I usually wear and I am worried about them leaking if I wet.
    In private things are going great, although my wife keeps thinking of new ways to make my situation more and more babyish. It bothers me a little, but she is very loving and attentive, and I am always well rewarded when I play along.

  • I am glad your leg is better 😀
    You say that you have agreed to stay diapered for your wife as it makes her happy, and that you are losing more of your bladder control, also that your wife is adding more and more babyish things as well as your diapers!
    What has she already added and what are you afraid that she will add later , as I guess you think she has something in mind ?

  • If you're starting to feel anxious when wearing the pull-up style adult training pants she bought you, and you fear they will leak, then it's time to accept that you need your thick cloth diapers 24/7. I think you know that your wife would prefer that, and if you've already had some daytime accidents, it will only get worse.

    My wife has kept me in cotton diapers 24/7 for the last 11 years. I am now bladder incontinent, and diapers and plastic pants are just my normal underwear.
    Just accept that you will be in diapers for life. You will find it more fulfilling.

  • If you’re feeling fulfilled, that’s great but why stop there. Since you’re diaper dependent have her turn you into a full time baby, nursery, crib, high chair bibs, bottles and baby food. Babies are more submissive that diapered husbands. Believe me when I confirm you’re already submissive. Perhaps you have sissy tendencies. Let her put you in pretty plastic baby rumba panties with rows and rows of lace. It you get a thrill you’re headed for more fun❤️❤️❤️👩‍🦱👩‍🦰

  • We give in to our wife’s when we cannot control our bladder. We feel inferior and grateful when their maternal instincts to take over. We are grateful for their acceptance of a problem we ourselves can’t accept. I don’t think In many instances it is a power play, although It can evolve into that. I did have a gf that I discovered was a man eater she was thrilled when she discovered I wet the bed and wore night diapers. She loved to diaper me and treated me like an infant. At first I loved the attention , but discovered her first husband committed suicide within the first year of marriage she collected a great deal of money from his insurance. I decided to end the relationship before I got in to deep. Like most life changing situations there is more to it than we see on the surface.

  • You are not the only one. My wife has made me wear diapers and plastic panties for the last 5 years. It started when I started wetting the bed again. Then when we would go on trips and vacations with long driving times. Not long after, I was diapered every weekend. Now she has me in diapers day and night, all the time.

  • How lucky you all are to have such loving material wife’s. They nursed you right back to infants and you were either blind or subconsciously wanted to be regressed into diapers and domination, by your mommy’s because that what they have become. The gain is you no longer have any responsibility or stress in your life even the simplest decisions have been taken away. For instance you don’t have to decide what to wear, thick cloth diapers and plastic baby panties are a must. Mommy will decide when your diapers and baby panties get changed if you will be in double or triple diapers, bed time, 😴 nap 💤 time, when and what you will eat. And of course where you will sleep. I suggest an adult size crib in your very own nursery!

  • I take it, your wife wears the pants in the family and you wear the panties, plastic of course, over your thick cloth diapers.

  • Tell your wife to f*** off!

  • What they do in their home is none of your business, you potty-mouthed buffoon.

  • How did you feel when she first said about the diapering ?
    And how did she get you to wear them more often ? Did she in courage you or persuade you ?

  • Did your wife have an ulterior motive ?
    Or is your cast still on ?
    And if so what do you think will happen when it comes off ?

  • Hi hope your well ! I guess your plaster is off or coming off next week, hope your leg is ok and thing can get back to normal for you !

  • Lucky man.

  • I wear a diaper at night when I am overly tired and sleep very sound my wife bought them for me

  • How did you react when she showed them to you ?

  • Another week over closer to your cast coming off 🙂
    So how has your week been and how many weeks before it is off for good 😀

  • You know she enjoys keeping you in diapers the enjoyment of power and her maternal instincts. She is going to find one excuse after another and be honest isn’t hard not to be submissive to her in a wet diaper. Soon you will be wetting your diapers without giving it a thought. At best with no diapers t you will struggle to find a bathroom. You may very well pee yourself. Acceptance is key enjoy the attention.

  • How did you get on this week with your new cast ?

  • Last week has been quite nice actually. We have been more active, leaving the house to do some shopping or just going for a walk. I am quite mobile on even ground and I am avoiding stairs when I can. The diapers feel like less of an issue now, maybe because I am in a better mood with being able to move around or maybe I just got completely used to them. I haven't really worn "normal" underwear for almost two months now and having a diaper on - even a wet one - feels perfectly natural. Even my messings are part of the routine now, they usually happen while my wife is doing her morning preparations which also means that I get to put off getting out of bed for longer.
    In other news I have a few new items in my wardrobe. My wife has noticed during our little outings that my diapers have a tendency to sag when they are wet, and adjusting them with the cane is problematic. She bought me several 'diaper shirts' which can be closed at the crotch over my plastic pants. Honestly, they are onesies for adults, but they do keep my diaper in place, even when it's soaking wet so I don't object to wearing them when we go out. She ordered several new diapers and a few sets of plastic pants with them as well.

  • I am glad you are feeling better as your leg heals 🙂 and after wearing and using diapers for two months it’s not surprising that you are getting use to them !
    Do you find yourself waking up wet now, or do you still wet and go back to sleep? Also have you ever just realised that your wet without remembering wet your diaper?
    The onesies are a good idea if it stops your diapers showing, but do you think that your wife is hoping to keep you diapered after your cast comes off? As she is buying more diapers and plastic pants? How many has she ordered or hasn’t she told you ?
    Try and have a go week and stay safe 😀

  • Has she bought you a Teddy to hug yet or added other baby clothes apart from onesies?

  • My control is certainly decreasing, especially during the night. I haven't really had an unconscious 'accident' but I have had nights when I have woken up while I was already wetting, which is a bit worrying. During the day I am still in control, although I have noticed that I am wetting a lot more frequently now. It's especially noticeable with going out more often, previously I could leave the house for several hours and not bother with the toilet, nowadays I am uncomfortable unless I wet my diaper every hour or two.
    I don't really know how many diapers my wife has ordered, she has been insistent on handling all the changing, stacking and laundering of the things recently and they look pretty much the same as the old ones. She is certainly hoping I will remain diapered after the cast comes off. With how things are going, I might actually need some kind of protection by the time it happens. It's just hard to swallow, replacing my 'macho' self image with being the guy, who waddles around in a onesie and wet diapers. Otherwise it has been surprisingly good for our marriage. She just loves fussing over me and this gives her a good reason to do it.

  • Has your wife been getting you to drink more ?
    As it would be a sly way of get you to wet more !
    As you are now waking up wetting your diapers that now makes you a bed wetter, as if you hadn’t had the diapers on the bed would of got wet !
    Your doctor know you are wearing and using diapers, so I wonder if they have updated your records to say you need them !
    If you now have 2 dozen diapers then that would be 4 a day for 6 days, which stands a good chance that you will be diapered for quite some time! I don’t know if you can check when your wife is out !
    But if you can at least you will know and then you can get your head around being diapered after your cast comes off .
    You say your wife does all the laundering, is she still keep the diapers and plastic pants in doors to dry ? As it would be cheaper to hang the diapers up outside to dry ?
    Glad your wife is looking after you with your diapering and in the bedroom, I don’t know your ages or living situation but do you think your wife would like to have a baby, or don’t you want children?
    Stay safe, and the best with trying to picture your self in a new roll !

  • Have you had your lighter cast put on your leg yet ? And I hope it has set ok 🙂

  • Yeah, we went yesterday morning.
    Honestly it was a lot less satisfying than I hoped for a number of reasons. Firstly, when I was about to get dressed, my wife proclaimed that she has 'misplaced' my underwear - which I have doubts about - and I had to comply to wearing my diapers or risk running late. Even worse, despite being right on time we had to wait for two hours so I was wet by the time it was my turn. Everyone was very polite and professional about it, but it was still really humiliating.
    Even worse, although I got a lighter cast the doctor was very strict about avoiding stairs, especially while I am alone in the house which means I am going to be stuck in diapers for another six weeks at last. My wife is already pestering me to agree to use them for messing as well. Honestly, at this point I am inclined to give in. It's not like it will make a big difference anyway.

  • You are turning into a real sissy baby, having decided pooping your diapers is acceptable. Start calling you wife mommy because that is what is happening with your permission. Buddy you still are a male but you gave up being a man sometime ago.

  • Sorry it didn’t work out , and the doctor insisting you avoid stairs , I guess your wife smiled inside if not out!
    Did you have to get changed that the doctor’s ?
    If you agree to messing will your wife let you change yourself? As if you do mess and she’s not there you could be in a messy diaper for some time !
    Did the doctor say if your leg is healing well? I hope it is 🙂

  • My leg is healing OK, considering how nasty the fracture was. The new cast is a lot lighter and more comfortable at least, even if it didn't get me out of diapers.
    I did get changed at the doctors, the plastic pants got in the way when they removed the old cast and washed my leg before the new one. The nurse suggested getting me out of the wet diaper while we are at it. She brought me a disposable one from the hospital's stock (we didn't bring a spare) and put it on me after the wash up was done.
    In other news, after a long debate I also had my first messing this morning. It wasn't pleasant, but I was changed right after it and I have to admit the process was a lot faster than being assisted down the stairs to the toilet. My bowel movements are pretty regular, so messing during the day while I'm alone should not be an issue. Honestly, while I would appreciate the independence, changing and folding these cloth diapers by myself is a hassle, especially getting the plastic pants on with my leg in a cast. My wife is also very attentive during the changings, which is something I enjoy as embarrassing as it is.

  • Glad your leg is healing the way it should 👍
    How did your wife react when they said that they would get you a clean diaper?
    Could you get a commode for up stairs? That way you wouldn’t need to mess !
    You may have to get popper plastic pants then you can take them off easier when you mess your diapers.
    I am glad your wife is attentive, and that could be her plan, as she has another 6 weeks to get you use to wearing and using diapers .

  • She seemed to enjoy the whole thing, especially watching the nurse change me. She even struck up a conversation with her, asking about how much the new diaper can hold and its cost effectiveness. The nurse was very professional and matter of fact but it was still pretty humiliating.
    A commode or a bedpan was my first idea when this whole thing started but she was adamantly against it right from the beginning and since she is the one cleaning up after me I conceded.
    I am certainly getting used to the diapers. A few weeks ago I would always wait until I was alone and stop whatever I was doing before even thinking about using them. Nowadays I pretty much just let go whenever I feel the urge, since there is no point holding it. Last weekend I actually caught myself wetting while we were having dinner, which was really embarrassing. I tried my best to hide it from my wife, but she noticed my guilty looks and asked what's wrong. When I confessed, she was full of smiles and support, telling me how it is 'no big deal' and 'that's what nappies are for'. The whole night after that she was extra nice to me to make me feel better. It's great that she is doting on me like this but at the same time I am not sure how I feel about the fact that she clearly likes having me in diapers.

  • You had better get use to wearing diapers. Before you know it you will loose control and have no choice. You’re in denial if you think otherwise and the exact same thing will happen with having you mess you diapers. Face it she is turning you into an adult baby and part of you is loving it. My friend you are close to the point of no return. If you want to be treated as a baby that’s fine, it’s you choice. Just know soon it will become permanent. At that point don’t be surprised if she transforms a spare room into a nursery complete with an adult size crib and changing table. Cleaning a portable commode is no more disgusting than cleaning and washing dirty diapers as a matter of fact washing poopy diapers is a lot more work.
    Personally I would love it if my wife would diaper me and baby me but I am not about to give up all my privileges of being an adult. Going out in public in a diaper under a pair of baggy pants is one thing Pooping in a diaper so everyone can smell you is quite another.

  • He is right you are enjoying it or it would not have progressed this far. I enjoy wearing diapers and now wetting them is no longer optional I have no control due to medical issues. Thank God I still can control my BM. Your wife obviously wants you to be her total baby. THINK fantasy is one thing reality has consequences.

  • As you say it is hard to understand your wife and know what her plans are ! But if you are enjoying the attention you are getting, do you think that you are going to let her keep you diapered after your cast comes off ?
    As there is still another 6 weeks yet of her being able to keep you diapered!
    Do you think that your wife may want to get disposable diapers for your day time usage if you are going out ?
    Have you noticed any change in the way your wife talks to you, especially when changing your diapers?
    I hope you have a good weekend and stay safe.

  • Thanks!
    Now that I am more mobile with the new cast we went out a few times during the weekend with me in my diapers. Since I have to wear loose fitting clothes because of the cast they are not that easy to spot (I hope) but the crinkling of the plastic pants is noticeable from up close. I have gotten a few strange looks when we went into the supermarket for example. Maybe the disposables would be better, although they would be a lot more expensive in the long run.
    I don't know how I feel about being kept in diapers for the long term. On one hand, it feels embarrassing and infantile, even gross when I have to mess myself. On the other hand, it's convenient, and I am getting used to carrying my own toilet around. Saturday I have wet myself while in the park for example and it was nice not to deal with finding a toilet or holding it till we get home. The fact that my wife enjoys the whole situation and is willing to do all the work involved certainly helps.
    She is getting more bold in showing her enthusiasm during the changes now that I have accepted being diapered for at least the next month and the half. She likes to talk about how much I soaked my diaper or make me tell her how I need a fresh one. She will now sometimes tease me with "diaper checks", groping me through the material so I get erect before she takes them off. She even masturbated me to completion between changes yesterday which felt pretty great.

  • Masturbation in diapers is the best way for you to equate wet diapers and plastic baby panties with erotic pleasure. You are well on your way to being addicted too wearing and wetting your diapers. Six weeks of mommy rubbing you to a climax in your wet diapers before changing you will create an unbelievable compulsion to wet your diapers and be rewarded. That is not an option it’s scientific fact!

  • Glad your feeling better and got to go out, plastic pants can make a bit of noise, but I would guess that even if you had a disposable diaper on your wife would still like you in plastic pants, going by what you have said when you got changed at the doctors.
    Long term it will depend on how you do in the next 5 weeks ! Diapers will make you feel more infantile, but remember that a lot of adults need them anyway, so you aren’t the only person wearing them, I guess having to mess in them now makes you feel even more infantile? But then like you say there are benefits like on long journeys or shopping or watching a movie, as you don’t have to get up or find a bathroom! Also one big benefit is keeping your wife happy, how do you think she will feel if when your cast comes off you stop wearing the diapers?
    Also with your last sentence I see she is making you like them more by checking your diapers to see if they are wet, and also playing with you between changes ! I guess your wife sent a bit more time cleaning you up after your sticky mess? Which you are lucky as she could of done it with your wet diaper on to save on the cleaning up.
    You both stay safe !
    Ps does your wife know you are talking about your diapers so that you can working things out ?

  • How many diapers and plastic pants did your wife get for you ?
    And how many do you use a day ?

  • I have eight diapers and four pairs of plastic pants, usually getting by with three changes a day. Sometimes, when my afternoon diaper isn't too wet by the time we get to sleep my wife forgoes the last one but not often, especially since the time I had a leak during the night.
    She washes the diapers every two days (the plastic pants just get rinsed out with soapy water).

  • Well that not many diapers! So you should be ok, With getting out of them, day times at least ! But she may want you to use them at night if you’re waking up wet ! As if she was thinking of keeping you in diapers full time I think you would need 2 dozen because of making sure you had enough to last if you had trouble drying them at any point!

  • How did you find wetting your diapers to start ?
    And do you wake up in the night and wet or just wake up wet ?
    As if you wake up wet your wife will insist you wear night time diapers until you can prove that you don’t need them !
    And has your wife try other ways of babying you ? Like baby talk when changing your diapers, as if she has you could be right !

  • Wetting was weird at first, I had to stand up every time to be able to let go. It took a few days until I was comfortable with just peeing in them in any position. Lying down was the hardest, but it all works smoothly now. Maybe even a little too smoothly. I am usually sort of half-awake during my night wettings. I think I could control them pretty easily if things went back to normal, although I had a few mornings when my diapers were soaked even though I only remembered peeing a little during the night.
    My wife is definitely enjoying this a bit too much. She is always checking my diapers, saying 'Just in case you need a change' and insists on calling them nappies every time. While she hasn't done any actual baby talk, she certainly likes to talk about them, especially during changes. Things like 'Wow, you really soaked this one' and 'I bet you will feel better with a nice fresh nappy on'.

  • Has your wife started to take longer in the mornings? So you have to stay longer in your wet diaper! And putting them on earlier? So you are spending more time in them ?
    Also do you know why she calls them nappies ? As I am from the UK and that is what they are called here , I think some other countries call them nappies as well ! Does she have a name for your Plastic pants, like rubbers or baby pants ?

  • I am diapered during the day - she is at work till 5pm, so it's important I don't try to navigate the stairs with my crutches while I am alone in the house. After we wake up I have to stay in my diapers until I am ready to go number two, then she helps me down the bathroom so I can poo in the toilet and then puts me in a fresh diaper for the day. Thankfully I have a pretty regular 'p*** schedule' so this works, although recently she started complaining that it would be easier if I just used the diapers for that as well and she would change me to a fresh one upstairs, since that's what I am wearing during the day anyway. I am not to happy about the idea but she does have a point I guess.
    My wife is from England (I'm not), so I get it why she calls them nappies, it's just that it sounds even more childish and immature to my ears than 'diapers'. I brought it up a few times but she got annoyed with me so I dropped it. She does call my plastic pants 'baby pants' occasionally, although she does understand why I complain about that. I'm just getting a bit tired of complaining about it, maybe I should just let it go as well.

  • Your wife is gradually turning you into her submissive diaper baby.She calls your plastic pants”baby pants” and your willing to let it go? Admit it you’re enjoying being babied by her. The diapers are comfortable you like her changing your diapers and baby panties. The warm wetness caressing and comforting you. She is doing all the work and you’re benefiting. So enjoy.

  • You spoke the truth. He is already hooked pleasuring during diaper training a submissive is a must. They cannot resist equating diapers with the please of sexual stimulation. And when you voiced your displeasure of pooping your diapers, you actually defend her position of messing your diapers
    If she has a baby shower for you. I hope we are all invited. I will even buy you your fist pair of baby rumba panties, Sissy. 👶👩‍🦰

  • He is absolutely correct. You’re already hooked. Might as well accept and enjoy being a baby.

  • Hmmm Baby Pants for a Baby Boy. Soon you'l find her turning a room into a Nursery. That WOULD be nice wouldn't it.

  • I would enjoy it

  • Thank you for your reply , how long have you got to have the crutches for? As cloth diapers aren’t cheap and are for long temp ! So do you think she will encourage you to still use then when you no longer need the crutches?
    You will have to see if the baby terminology increases! Ie baby pants etc
    As that might give you an idea where she is heading!

  • I have had the crutches for five weeks now. Next week I am supposed to get a lighter cast for my leg, so I should be able to get by with only one. I tried to convince my wife to abandon the diapers then as I it would be a bit easier for me to get to the downstairs toilet on my own after that but she has been adamantly refusing the idea so I had to give in.
    To be fair it would be still somewhat risky, especially when I am alone, but this way I will be in diapers for at least another month, maybe two depending on how well my leg heals. I don't know what will happen after that. She has been very evasive any time I talk about it.
    At this point I don't even mind the diapers that much, I just wish we could go back to having s** more often. With me constantly in a diaper that needs to be taken off, then reapplied afterwards it's hard to find the opportunities. Not to mention that most of the times my diaper is already wet, so I even need to be cleaned up before we do anything. It's frustrating.

  • If you haven’t realized by now your wife now wears the pants and you wear the panties plastic of course. It’s impossible to get the upper hand when you’re in diapers. She has no intention of letting you out of diapers. Don be surprised if she adds nursery print baby pants, baby bottles and bibs as you become more submissive. As a bed wetter my girlfriend enjoyed diapering me the diapering gradually got earlier and I began to loose control now I am in diapers and plastic baby panties 24/7. Recently after my night diapers leaked twice she told me She would be more comfortable if I slept in a adult size crib. She transformed the guest room into my nursery. Complete with a changing table stuffed teddy’s.Yesterday a high chair arrived and now I am feed a baby bottle she has me sucking on her b****** to stimulate breast milk. My friend you are NEXT!

  • Hope it’s good news on your leg 👍

  • Ps , want has she said about the s** ?

  • I guess that at least she doesn’t play and make you c** in your diapers, try to get you to enjoy them more ! So she can in courage you to still wear them !
    You have said the your wife is trying to get you to mess your diapers! With only a week left she may push you more as when the lighter cast is on it will be harder for her to get you to agree !

  • Who spanks their teen child for not lying still for baby powder, diapers and plastic panties?

  • My child behaves herself when I get her ready for bed. First she gets a bath, then gets towelled off and is taken to her room for her baby powder, diaper and rubber baby panty. Then I tuck her in bed. She also behaves when I get her ready for special occasions. She lies still on her bed while I lift her legs for baby powder, diaper and baby panty because she knows that she will wear a very expensive rubber panty with ruffles on the seat over her plain snap-ons. However, problems often arise when I start to get her ready for the day by removing her baby panty and diaper, get her cleaned up and start the diapering process. She thinks she should be allowed to wear a school panty and ripped jeans like her friends and puts up a fuss when she realizes she will be wearing a diaper and snap on baby panty under a short dress instead. This is when she gets a very strict spanking on her bare bottom. After spanking I have no problem getting her into her diaper and rubber panty with her short dress and white ankle socks for the day.

  • Have you turned her bedroom into a nursery yet? In why not it will help her accept her baby status. She will be more submissive and stop rebellion

  • I used to go to the bathroom pretty often every night. It would to drive my wife insane. Then one day she was talking to a co-worker at her job about it. Turns out her friend put her husband in diapers because they had a similar problem. Then the idea got to her head. She brought it up with me for a while and I would reject it every single time. She would ask me everyday if we could do it. It brought up a lot of arguments in our relationship. Eventually, I believe about 2-3 weeks later, I agreed very reluctantly. She put the diaper on me and then we both went to bed. I woke up dry the next morning but she told me she had an awesome night sleep since I didn't get up at all. Well, turns out that this was the beginning of a new era because I wore diapers to bed every night after that day. Took me a few days to wet while sleeping. She was nice about it too, which helped a lot. I'm guessing it's because she took a lot of advice from her co-worker. 7 months later, I still wear diapers to bed every night and I now wet without waking up at all. Not long after I think she was talking to her friend about it. How at first it was hard to convince me but it eventually really worked out. I wouldn't be surprised if the husband of her friend would be in diapers for bed soon. I guess with time we'll find out.
    Recently I also went on a 4 hour trip with her. Before going she asked me if I should wear a diaper on the trip. She said I might fall asleep and she didn't want me to wet in the car. I thought that was a good point, so I wore a diaper for the ride. And yeah, I did fall asleep and wet so it was for the better. My wife was really glad that she came up with that idea and put me in a diaper.

  • I too had this nighttime problem of needing to pee several times during the night and like you after many refusals, not wanting to be put in nappies and plastic pants, I reluctantly had to agree to it. I felt so embarrassed the first night, my wife told me she was going to be in charge of my nighttime routine and I was to get used to her rules, she started to bath me, shaving all my body and legs, that first set of nappies she put on me felt so bulky and the snug fitting plastic ‘panties ‘ reinforced my submissiveness. The first time she had me purposely wet my nappies, I felt so humiliated as she told me I was to get used to sitting in a wet nappy. She has replaced all my boxers with disposable pull-ups and plastic’ panties’ for work days but weekends and holidays I am put in my thick nighttime nappies and I have to use them.

  • You mentioned your wife had some rules for you ! What are her rules and are they the same or have they changed?
    Also how long did it take for her to get you in nappies 24/7?

  • Luckily you she will enjoy turning you into a submissive diaper baby. You already NEED DIAPERS❤️❤️❤️

  • Yes and now I’m sure he can hold his pee like he use to. I can’t. You might as well keep him in diapers 24/7 and add plastic baby panties. Use the clear plastic panties so you can tell when you need to change his diapers. Nursery prints are cute. If he likes all that turn your guest room into a nursery get an adult crib and start breastfeeding you will start lactation in weeks.

  • Absolutely 👶👶👶

  • Where can we find an adult size crib

  • Google adult cribs at least 2 or 3 will come up. There are a wide variety of adult cribs including several that lock. Beware 👶

  • Absolutely. Wife’s like to dominate what better way than to turn us into babies?

  • Don’t we deserve to be turned
    Into babies? From all the posts I have viewed on this site not one man asserted himself. All allowed their wives to diaper them 24/7

  • I am sure some have asserted themselves! But if you have a wetting problem it’s not easy ! I would guess !

  • Do you feel better at not getting up in the night to pee ? And do you get more sleep?

  • My wife and I get better sleep since I don't get up. I guess I feel better, but sometimes in the morning it can get a little annoying because my wife won't change me until she's had her breakfast. So I usually spend 20 minutes in a wet diaper after I get up. Are you simply curious or are you looking to do that too?

  • You will get use to being in wet diapers and may even enjoy it many of us do. As a result of your obedience she will expand your wearing and wetting your diapers. You will become more submissive and more of a baby. Less and less responsibility and loose all physical control and overall control of your life. But you have probably figured that out already. Wet dreams!👶

  • Thank you for answering! I already wear a diaper and plastic pants to bed , and have done for about four years now ! My wife doesn’t change me so I can change when I get up , unlike you ! Why does your wife make you wait to be changed and is there a reason she want let you do it ?

  • I used to go to the toilet four or five times every night. It wasn't a big deal until I moved in with my girlfriend. She's a light sleeper and woke up every time, then had trouble going back to sleep again. After some arguments she gave me an ultimatum: either I wear diapers to bed or she leaves. Eventually, I gave in with some reluctance and have been spending pretty much every night diapered ever since.
    Using them felt completely weird at first, and I had to really force myself to let go while laying down but it got easier after a while. These days I don't even wake up most of the time I wet.
    First we used these thin, disposable diapers you can buy at a pharmacy. They were easy to use so she put them on me just before we went to bed. The problem was, sometimes they leaked and messed up our bed so after a while she found a better solution: cloth diapers. I have to wear them with plastic pants and they are pretty bulky but they can hold a lot of fluid. They are also more of a chore to put on, so my girlfriend decided to move the time of my diapering earlier. I tried to convince her to go back to the disposables but as the 33 year old bedwetter I wasn’t really in a position to make an argument.
    These days I am diapered right when I get home. My girlfriend says, that that way it’s out of the way and won’t interrupt things later and it won’t be forgotten. I am pretty used to it now. She just puts me into my diaper, and if I need to go out again later, I wear loose clothing. They cover up the bulk of the diapers but I have gotten a few weird looks because of the crinkling noise my plastic pants make. If I need to pee, I just use the diaper. My girlfriend checks them before we go to sleep, and changes me if she thinks they might leak. These thick cloth diapers can hold a lot though so she usually leaves me as I am if they are just a little damp.

  • Great that she diapers you as soon as you get home. She should take the next step since she enjoys keeping you in diapers and buy you some nursery print plastic baby panties pink and colors that are transparent so she can tell when you need a change. Turn a bedroom into a nursery with an adult sized crib, changing table and rocking chair where she could breastfeed you while rubbing the front of your smooth baby panties in your warm wet diapers until you c** will increase your love ❤️ for diapers and bring mommy and baby closer. After a while she will lactate to complete you both. She might even try frilly plastic rumba baby panties and a short baby dress to show of you pretty diapers and baby panties it would make you more submissive after all she now has the power.

  • Dominant power. She’s the mommy and your the baby girl? Get use to it. You must have a submissive side to have allowed it to happen. So enjoy your new life 👶

  • I really hope it doesn't go that far. I have noticed her enjoying this a bit too much in the past two months, and things have gotten more...intense.
    I do actually have a few pairs of nursery print plastic panties now (she told me they were cheaper when she ordered another set for me but I have my doubts) and she obviously gets a kick out of it when she sees me waddle around in them.
    She has also gotten me a "nightshirt" which turned out to be pretty much a onesie. It's like a long T shirt with studs at the bottom so it can be fastened over my crotch. Her reasoning was that I sometimes had problem with the diapers sagging down when they got wet. The shirt does keep my diaper in place but it also looks really infantile which I think was her main reason for getting it. She has already talked about ordering a few more.

  • You guessed right they aren’t cheeper nursery print panties are actually 50 to 70 percent more. You can check the internet yourself. She has already turned you into her baby. Start calling her mommy and ask to suckle her b****** she’ll begin to lactate in a matter of weeks. You might as well love it, BABY.!!!

  • So how do you feel about your girlfriend forcing you to become a bedwetter?? Do you enjoy waking up in warm wet diapers? I've been a bedwetter for over 40 years.

  • I guess it isn't that bad. I do get a better night of sleep these days. It has been going on for several months now, and I have started to accept that it's not some temporary solution but the way things are gonna be from now on.
    The diapers are kind of comfortable, although I don't particularly like them when they get too wet and clammy.

  • Does your girlfriend let you take off your wet diapers in the morning, or does she insist on removing them? Does she ever keep you diapered all day on the weekends? My wife kept me in diapers 24/7 on our vacation last year, a full 2 weeks of continuously being diapered!

  • Did your wife make you use your diapers for all your toilet needs ? And did she choose when to change you?
    What type of vacation was it , ie town or beach and how did you feel when she told you her plan to keep you diapered over the vacation?
    Has she had you in diapers like over Christmas also ?

  • Back when I was using the disposables I would just take them off and throw them into the trash when I got out of bed. It's different with the cloth diapers though. I guess I could take them off on my own as well, but part of our 'deal' when switching to them was that she would take care of everything - buying them, laundry, cleanup etc.
    It seemed a good idea at the time, now it feels like I have given her a bit too much control. My girlfriend has bought a diaper pail for me which is in the bathroom. She has categorically refused to let me leave the wet diapers around (and to be honest I don't really want them lying around either). The problem is that when we wake up she is always first to the bathroom and her morning routine is quite long. This means that every morning I have to wait for her to get ready while wearing my used diapers. Also, if I wake up needing to pee I have to use the them again.
    Once she is ready she changes me out of them and cleans me up, even shaving my crotch area every few days. When we have the time this cal also result in a 'happy ending' so I do not mind it too much :)

    As for the weekends, while I haven't spent a whole day diapered like you, recently she started to insist that I wear them in the afternoon if we spend the whole day at home - her reasoning being that we often take naps. It works, I guess, but even my cloth diapers get quite full by nighttime, which means I almost always have to be changed into a fresh one before we go to bed.

  • You have already gone passed the point of no return. ‘It’s not that bad. ‘ has earned you permanent diapers 24/7 is just a matter of time baby. You might as well tell mommy, “I’m ready for bibs, bottles and a crib, don’t forget the changing table and nursery print plastic baby panties too go over my thick soft thirsty diapers.

  • Hmmm.... It's not a long leap from afternoon diapers to all-day diapers. I see daytime diapers in your future! (Hey, it's not that bad...)

  • Not that bad, be honest you LOVE ❤️ BEING a BABY!!! Have mommy rub the front of your soft plastic baby panties when your diapers are soaking wet until you climax it’s an awesome way to c** and further surrender to mommy and you new infantile lifestyle.

  • So do I ❤️❤️

  • Let’s face it most of us would trade places with both babies Aren’t we envious, wishing it was us. These are very stressful times we live in returning to a time when all our needs were met and we received lots of loving attention and life was totally free of responsibility. Who wouldn’t want that. Surrendering to wife now mommy, being swaddle in baby soft diapers covered with supple plastic baby panties smelling like baby powder, what could be better.

  • Our 16 year old daughter sometimes wets the bed so we make her wear a thick cloth diaper and adult size plastic pants to bed every night.She kind of likes the feeling of being like a baby at night!

  • If she enjoys being a baby turn her bedroom into a nursery get her a crib, high chair, changing table. Add a nursery print boarder with pink little bunnies in diapers around the entire room put a big mirror on the ceiling over the crib to remind her of her baby place in the family. Make her diapers so thick she waddles. Tell her the bathroom is off limits except for poopies. Unless you want to change stinky diapers. Do buy baby food and give her lots of babas so she constantly wets her diapers and loose bladder control. Being a full time baby is better than being a part time 👶 baby 🍼. 👶👶

  • She has now started using a pacifier,wearing it on a ribbon around her neck,and does have a baby bottle that she sometimes from.She had a sleepover last weekend with three of her friends and theat wore some of her cloth diapers and plastic pants! It was mind blowing see four 16 year olds running around in diapers and plastic pants!

  • Your spelling and grammar isn’t good I bet you’re writing this yourself. Perhaps a second grader?

  • Perhaps you were wetting you diapers and that’s the reason it’s. so poorly written. Wetting and writing at the same time, tough stuff.

  • I am a catholic girl and my parish,like some others,highly stresses purity and abstinance before marriage.Baptisms are done at Easter vigil and all of the kids,preteens and teens wear white outfits.Boys wear a white suit and tie and us girls wear the traditional,white,poofy,short sleeve,top of the knees baptism dress with the matching bonnet,lace anklets or white tights and white 'mary jane' style shoes.Under our baptism dresses we wear a white tee shirt with a cloth diaper and plastic pants[disposable diapers are not allowed].We are considered babies for our baptisms and most girls are picked up and held like a baby to recieve the water on their heads.Many of the preteen and teen girls wear a pacifier around their necks and suck on it while being baptized.Then,First Holy Communion is recieved a month later in may and the boys wear their white suits and us girls wear a poofy communion dress and veil with our baptism tee shirt,diaper,plastic pants and tights or lace socks and the shoes.The girls look very cute and pure and innocent in their baptism outfits and they get the message that it is acceptable to be pure and virgin on their wedding day! I was baptized at 16 and wore the outfit,i had adult size plastic pants over my cloth diaper that fit me blousy and crinkled under my dress since i wore the lace socks.

  • I don't believe you. I think this is a fantasy. Maybe even a male fantasy.

  • My daughter is 12 and has wetting accidents so I make her wear cotton diapers and plastic panties under her dresses. She is not allowed to wear tights or pantyhose and must wear frilly white ankle socks. She complains about the crackling sound of her plastic panty and I have explained to her that thick plastic is very noisy. I use the snap-on style plastic panties on her and she doesn't like how the snaps show under her short little dresses. She knows that diapers and plastic panties are mandatory and that she will get a strapping for making a fuss about getting her diapers on.

  • Part 2. I’m wayyyyyy past embarrassment everyone knows I’m padded it’s very obvious . I now wear certain very childish clothing that fit loosely . I’ve long ago completely accepted the baby status all my family know this to no one cares they all love me so very much . Yes my brain was effected from the two contusions that bled where they had to drain out the blood . I still have certain effects from the damage when I can’t talk or drool like a baby I can’t do anything about that but can be frustrating trying to communicate. When your thinking clearly but what comes out your mouth is nothing but babble . Sometimes I cry because of this but I can write things on paper . Being a adult baby is something amazing you can’t imagine the love from everyone and I have nothing to hide from anyone . Even my shoes are all baby themed they must fit over my braces they go all the way down to my toes up to my thighs . I can’t have any s** that was destroyed and I never missed it . I have far to much to do and enjoy just being alive . As for the ass that crushed me he was quite wealthy his insurance co through the courts set me up for the rest of my life I don’t worry about needing anything . Every month I get to pick out new outfits which is really fun . I might be badly disabled but I’m enjoying being alive and. Being mommy’s baby . ❤️ 🍼❤️

  • Good for you baby. You have not only accepted being an adult baby you’re embracing your babyhood wonderful attitude. You will get the longest most enjoyable life with your attitude. Most people in your shoes or rather diapers would be very angry, depressed and difficult to be around. I have an in-law who fights everyone and everything. No one wants anything to do with her. She is a miserable person and is out to make everyone miserable. When they change her diapers she curses them and hits them, she a nasty b**** the only difference between the two of you is your Positive ATTITUDE, you’re loved, she’s hated. Your to be congratulated, she’s to be pitted!

  • When I was 27 a drunk driver tboned my car crushing me nearly to death . Both legs were twisted backwards bladder ruptured where the seatbelt almost cut into me it broke the buckle thank goodness . Part of my spinal cord was cut that can’t be fixed . Brain injury and lost all my upper and lower front teeth . Two years five months in Baylor hospital to learn to walk and talk again . They got a cath stuck in me and could not get it out . That was another surgery to remove it which on top of the damaged bladder left me full flow . No more catheters all diapers . At one point my mouth was so messed up the only way to feed me was a tube in my tummy then later they gave me a baby bottle to stay hydrated but it’s a adult sized bottle . 3 years later in leg braces and diapers I met my wife that was 1993 . Since then I’m her baby she can’t have children so I became her full time baby . I still use a wheel chair some times but I now can walk with braces . I have the biggest collection of adult baby clothing and lots of stuff that goes with it . I use all cloth at home and disposables out in public .part 1

  • Good for you, you’ve been through h*** and came out with a positive approach to life. Enjoy your soft thick diapers and supple plastic baby panties, you earned them. I too must wear diapers 24/7 for medical reasons I embrace and enjoy the things I cannot change. It’s 10 percent what happens to you, and 90 percent how you react to a person, place or situation. Wearing wet diapers and being changed by my loving wife has brought us, so much closer. Mommy now lactates, I get to nurse on her milk laden b****** at least twice a day. I make warm Peepee in my diapers while she burps me. It doesn’t get better than this, believe me!

  • I am 32 and my wife is 31 and she wears cloth diapers and plastic pants sometimes around the house and to bed.When she was going thru puberty,she was a bedwetter and her parents had her wear the cloth diapers and plastic pants to bed every night up untill her bedwetting stopped past 15.She liked the feeling of being like a baby wearing the diapers and plastic pants and kept on wearing them all thru high school! We met when i was 20and she was 19 and she confessed to me that she liked wearing the diapers and plastic pants and being like a baby at times.We got married when she was 21 and i was 22.She wore a thick cloth diaper and adult size babyprint plastic pants under her wedding gown.The past years have been great,as she wears her diapers and plastic pants quite often and loves to be cuddled while wearing them!

  • Wow.... You're one lucky guy!! Do you know how many guys would love to have a wife in diapers and plastic pants??? Has she reverted to being a bedwetter since you got married? Did her mother know she was diapered under her wedding gown?

  • Great you were meant for each other. Since she really likes being a baby buy an adult size crib I’ve seen double bed size cribs. No baby should be without a changing table or hi-chair. Bibs pacifier and baby bottles are also a must for the full baby experience. Maybe her girlfriends could give her a baby shower?

  • Our marriage evolved into a mother / child relationship many years ago. I now address her as Mommy. She puts me into diapers when invites her man over to spend the night or weekends.
    She does not want me to wander to the hallway toilet and interrupt them when they are making love in the master bed.
    Mommy loves me and she also wants to protect me so I don't overhear the sounds of hear the sounds of her enjoying the ecstacy of o***** in the arms of the man who has replaced me

  • This is exactly how i want it for me...only I want mommy to take my diaper off when shes done with daddy and ride me

  • No s**, you might as well be a baby girl. Ask mommy to make a nursery complete with
    , pink crib and changing table a rocking chair she can nurse you in lots and Lots of pink and pastel shades of plastic baby rumba panties matching satin booties.

  • I hope she puts you in a crib and breast feeds you. Perhaps she could buy some pink rumba plastic baby parties to fit over your thick diapers and some short skirts to show off your diapers and lacey panties. Being all baby girl you could suck on him so he could pleasure mommy longer. Much better than sucking on a pacifier and baby gets extra protein.

  • Hello

  • Hello.
    If you see this - who are you, what are your interest?

  • What does your wife’s lover think about you wear and I guess using diapers ?

  • My wife has me in diapers at home I have a bottle and a pacifier because she likes the way it makes me look like a little baby

  • I hope she turned your room into a nursery with a big crib for her big baby. Nursery print diapers and plastic baby panties. Since your no longer having s** she should dress you in short frilly dresses and lacy plastic rumba panties. Cause you’re no longer a man you’re a sissy baby. She should breast feed feed you while rubbing the front of your smooth plastic baby panties until you c** in you dydee. It will bond baby and mommy and you will love your diapers even more.

  • Being her baby girl ask mommy to let your hair grow have her take you to her beauty salon for a make over and a perm. Have her girlfriend give you a baby shower. Let them change your dydees and breastfeed you.

  • Does your wife make you use them , and do you wear all weekend where ever you are ?

  • I randomly began wetting the bed after nights out or on days I worked extended hours. I seem to be a heavy sleeper and tend not to wake up at times to use the restroom. A few months back my wife asked I start wearing diapers to bed after a night out or after working long hours. At first I was extremely reluctant but I didn’t want her waking up to a wet bed. I started wearing and now I can honestly say it doesn’t bother me. My wife doesn’t have to worry about waking up to a wet bed and that are surprisingly comfortable and I don’t mind wearing them. My wife has been supper supportive.

  • Does your wife diaper you? Are you in cloth diapers and plastic baby panties? I hope the are very soft and she she should reward your good behavior by rubbing the front of your smooth supple plastic panties until you climax in you bunny soft dydees it will add to your enjoyment, especially if they are wet. At least that’s my experience.

  • So I guess your wife has you in diapers, why has she but you in diapers? And does she rub the front to reward you ? And if so what is your wife rewarding you for ?
    Happy New Year

  • I suggested to my husband that he wear a disposable nappy at night to help with his constant trips to the toilet, sometimes five times a night. These also disturb not only his sleep but mine as well. He has had been to specialists, the last one told him his bladder had not developed as a child so he would have to live with the problem, he was given a few tips to help the problem.
    I decided to take control of the situation and bought him a pack of disposable pull ups and after much discussion he reluctantly agreed to try them, after dinner that night I suggested he try one on and that he might like to actually wet it to make sure it was fully leak proof. I told him to go and put one on then come back and watch some tv , even before bedtime he usually has to go a couple of times. He came back red faced in his lounge pants and top, I asked him to show me, he reluctantly slipped his pants down and blushed further as he held his top up and showed me his new underwear. I got up and kissed him then told him we would see if they were going to do the job they were intended for. He looked like an over grown toddler as we sat on the sofa, I cuddled him and as we waited he got more and more nervous saying he didn’t think he could go through with it. He started to fidget and told me he needed the toilet , this was where I told him in no uncertain terms he had to use his nappy like a good boy I added that from now on these were To be his new underwear both day and nighttime, he said he didn’t need protection in the daytime. I told him sternly that learning to use them at night would probably lead to him using them during the daytime. That first time he squirmed as I held him begging me to let him go to the toilet, suddenly he held his crotch, I smacked his hand away telling him to be a good little boy and do tinkles in his nappy.
    He got quite upset as he wet himself and begged to be changed but I told him that we would wait to see if he had any leaks.

  • His crotch and bottom were soggy and his pull up expanded giving him a more childish appearance as I told him I would change him for bedtime l, he asked me if he could go and change himself, I dropped the next bomb on him telling him that from now on I was to be in charge of his toileting He got upset and said he wasn’t a baby, I sternly told him that since he couldn’t give me a baby ( his sperm count is very low) maybe him having pull ups on would satisfy both our needs.
    That bedtime I “ doctored his pull up stabbing the outer layer with a pin then as I changed him introducing baby wipes and powder to his new changing routine I also introduced him to his first pair of vinyl panties. He whined about them. But I told him they were necessary as he was not to get out of bed he was to use his nappy every time.
    Suddenly I was determined to regress him into towelling nappies at least while he was at home, I didn’t mind the extra washing I wanted to see how much of a baby I could make him and how he would cope with it
    We had fun nights where I bathed the baby and dressed him in romper suits and knitted bootees I removed all his pubic and body hair I got him a dummy and after a few stinging slaps to his silky smooth thighs he took to it. He is now my baby and if he’s good I give him a treat he gets to stroke his little peepee to release his baby milk. We have not had full s** for a year now, I don’t really miss it, it was never really satisfying, I’m content with my vibe and my baby boy.

  • Make sure you Breastfeed him it will further bond mom and baby. His sucking on your b****** will eventually stimulate milk and you will feel more love for baby and he will feel more of a baby.

  • Absolutely but don’t stop there, buy an adult crib one that locks will make him more docile and submissive turn a spare room into a nursery. Put a full length mirror over the crib so he is constantly reminded of his baby status. Hire a teen to babysit, changle his diapers and humiliate him IMO submission. Add bibs bottles and baby food. When you go out put a baby harness with bells to draw attention. Make his cloth diapers so bulky he waddles. Slow him to only baby talk. Play baby hypnotic recordings until he believes fully that he is your baby. And to further train take him. Tell him over and over that he is a helpless diaper dependent baby. Until he fully embraces his baby .life. ❤️❤️🥽🍼

  • Will you contact me somehow? Ima hot dicorced ab/hubbycubby and i need to be cared for Nd give care to someone nice and sweet to me. Not meanand scary plz plz plz

  • I couldn’t have said it better! ❤️❤️❤️👍😃

  • Does b****** mean b******? Why so coy?

  • Do you only use nappies and a dummy at home ? And did you go the towelling nappies? If so what was his reaction?

  • Sounds like you belong in diapers. Better get some plastic pants to keep them secure.

  • I too have put my husband back in nappies due to his constant wet patches in his pajamas, at first he was dead against it but after me explaining to him that it would help with his little problem he reluctantly agreed to it. I started him in disposable ones and have now regressed him into towelling nappies and introduced vinyl pants as extra protection.

  • Good for you now add nursery print plastic baby panties see through. Tell him clear baby panties are best so you know when to change his diapers. Make sure you use at least threes soft cloth diapers so he waddles reminding him constantly that he is truly a baby. Make him carry his diaper bag get one that holds a baby bottle on the outside so everyone knows that he is a baby. Make sure he wets his diapers while out in public to humiliate him as his diaper sagas drawing as much attention as possible.

  • How long before you put him in towelling and vinyl pants , and how did he react ?

  • You sound like your enjoying babying your husband. Start bottle feeding him formula laced with dietetics every hour he will soon be wetting uncontrollably. Then breastfeed him telling him to call you mommy. If you have a guest room a nursery would be the next step. A adult crib and changing table diaper pail would top the list. Introduce nursery print plastic baby panties. When in the house baby hubby should only be allowed to wear diapers and plastic baby panties and a shirt. To remind him of his baby status his diapers should be visible at all times. Then if you want to make him more submissive add some adorable rumba baby panties and a short baby dress to show off his pretty plastic panties. Good luck what a Lucy hubby.

  • Great suggestions hire a younger baby sitter a wet nurse would be the next step show her how to change the baby. Invite your girlfriends over let them change him nurse him dress and undress him. Try on all his baby clothes. Talk about him as if he weren’t in the room. Have your girlfriends fuss over him at nap time and spoon feed him in a high chair.

  • Please contact me

  • Our daughter is 15,going on 16,and she wets the bed about two to three times a week,so we make her wear cloth diapers and adult size rubberpants[plasticpants] to bed every night.To make sure that they are on properly,i put them on her at bedtime.I rub baby lotion on her first,then apply the baby powder,then pin the diapers on her then pull the rubberpants up her legs and over the diapers.I have to confess that i like putting them on her and making her like a baby at bedtime! She is ok with the diapers and rubberpants.

  • Yes.cloth diapers and rubberpants are very appropriate for teen girls to wear for bedwetting and special occassions!

  • She enjoys being babied buy her an adult sized crib and changing table transform her bedroom into a nursery. Add rumba baby plastic panties with lots of lace. Nursery print plastic baby panties. Give her a ba-ba at bed time so she’s nice and wet in the morning. Give her diuretics 3 times a day so she starts to wet during the day. Then keep her in diapers 24/7. Buy her short skirts that show off. her thick diapers. Put a vibrio in her diaper and bring her to multiple climaxes to form a permanent diaper bonding baby The world need more mothers like you.

  • You should buy her a crib and changing table transform her room into a nursery. Give her a bottle at bed time so she’s wet every morning tell her you’re going to keep her in diapers during the day. Just in case she has an accident. Put diuretics in her ba-ba so she wets during the day. That Way you’ll have a full to time baby for life.

  • Will you put me in diapers please

  • Rubber pants

  • Rubber pants are for girls only,not boys!

  • Rubber pants are for both sexes, you ignorant piece of crap. Who made you arbitrator of all thing diapers?

  • I put my husband in diapers nearly five years ago because he would sit and wet his pants while playing his Xbox. The final straw was when he had diarrhea and waited too long before getting up to go to the toilet, and messed his underwear.

    I bought some adult disposable briefs and insisted he try wearing them. I was shocked when he agreed and put one on. There were obvious signs that he was enjoying the experience. I made sure he have every reason to enjoy it also. As time progressed he has become diaper dependent and now wears 24/7.

    We both have changed as a result of him wearing diapers. My maternal feelings have flourished and I now mother him in many ways. He has become more submissive and yearns for my guidance and discipline. He has become my baby in so many ways, as I have become a mommy figure to him.

    He doesn't act like a baby, he just enjoys being treated like one. He loves getting his diaper changed. In return for treating him like a baby he takes care of all the housework and domestic duties. He loves to do that while wearing a t-shirt and diaper, or sometimes he will wear a little baby style dress I have sewn for him. He is so cute in his pretty dresses and diapers. I love it when he wears a dress that lets his diaper peek out from beneath it.

  • By all means keep him in dressed not only to showcase his diapers, it’s so much easy to change baby 👶. Rumba panties in pink with rows of white satin front and back will add to the femme look and make baby 🍼 more adorable 🥰 and submissive. I hope a crib is in her future. Make sure you take you sissy to the playground so he can be humiliated by the young mothers with their toddlers. Now that the weather is nice take baby to the beach in just a triple thick cloth diapers and clear pink plastic baby panties so everyone can see when baby 👶 wets herself.

  • Hi, I read your post and others, have to say you seem like a great caring lady, with a little spice, that's pretty cool, I don't play Xbox at all , I just have a bladder issue,. I'm 55 good looks, Harley rider, hunting, etc.... I am single, for almost 10 yrs, a few dates, but nothing serious, seems everyone I meet someone, I let them know my issue, wanting to be honest, and they run,. So I'm back to being single,. Is it that bad I wear adult diapers at night, sometimes in day? Sure be nice to meet someone real, that understands, and even make it somewhat fun , I'm not trying to steal you away , but any response , support , interested friends , be nice ,. Or anybody reading this interested in helping me , thank you soooo much for your posting , gives me some relief there are good people out there,. My email,. todd_fkrice1964@yahoo.com

  • Hi there , how lond did it take to become nappydependent

  • You really should convert a bedroom to. a. nursery get a giant crib for baby. Start brest feeding him eventually you’ll lactate. This will bring you even closer.

  • Man i wish i was married to you.

  • What makes you want to be married to a certain someone?

  • Who is this a****** who thinks he has all the answers? If anyone wants to wear diapers and be married to someone who will facilitate the same, that is entirely his or her business.

  • That’s great. Yes it’s difficult to start a argument or be disagreeable in a diaper. Diapers promote harmony and obedience. Try giving him a ba-ba at bedtime he will definitely wake up wet. Don’t change his diapers until after breakfast that will keep humble. Think about buying a crib that will bring him to a new level of submission!

  • I am in diapers 24/7 due to diabetes an enlarged bladder and other medical issues. My wife is understandings but she doesn’t. diaper me I know that would bring us closer, you’re both so lucky to have each other. Nurturing is the ultimate sign of love ❤️.

  • It’s like looking in a mirror. I to have an enlarged bladder and I I’m diabetic. My wife too is understanding she doesn’t diaper me and like me you I feel it would bring us closer. Unfortunately I don’t see that happening. I would love it if she would diaper me. I have accepted things BYU’s way they.are and am grateful for that!

  • I am also a diabetic and had an enlarged bladder. Wearing diapers 24/7 for years shrunk my bladder. I would love it if my wife would diaper me but she won’t. She now wears the pants in the family because I now wear plastic baby panties. She is very attentive and material I have multiple medical conditions she buys my diapers and other chanting supplies but I have to Change myself. She handles all the money and makes all the decisions except how many diapers I wear. She even forbid me to continue wearing cloth diapers which I prefer because she doesn’t look me the smell of the diaper pail or the laundry. I had to adjust from sleeping on my side to sleeping on my back because disposable diapers have little or no side protection. It is what it is!

  • My name is David i am 57 year old i am kinda jealious i wish i was being treat like your husband i am very submissive i do enjoy cooking and cleaning house and because of a back injury i wet my self and bed .i am single with no girl friend and never been married . please emal blaird550@gmail.com

  • Be careful what you wish for David. I'm now diapered 24/7 with no toilet privileges. When it started it was because of the odd dribble after I used the toilet in the night, just incontinence pads during the night. But then it just went from there. I'm now in thick white plastic diapers that crinkle when I walk or move. And I have plastic pants that I have to wear over the top. Every day is humiliating.

  • I hope by now she thought you to refer to her as mommy because she is no longer your wife, she has transformed you into her BABY!

  • I have toilet priveledges for going number two; otherwise, I have to ear diapers 24/7. Mine started our with just a little wetness and bed wetting also. Now stuck in diapers I do not know how to get out.
    The doctor says, it diapered so bad; you ate finally emptying?

  • Emptying your bladder is vital to
    being healthy. I had several UTI’s, my Uroligist said either use a catheter 3x a day or wear diapers 24/7. I bleed every time I tried to insert a catheter, it was very painful. Urine infections can lead to kidney failure, heart attacks other organs shut down and death. Diapers work for me and I’ve learned to enjoy my diapers and plastic baby panties, especially when they are, warm and wet. Peeing in my soft squishy diapers is almost as good as a climax. The smooth supple laytex clear baby panties only enhance the erotic pleasures .WET is WONDERFUL! 😀🍼❤️

  • Get out and find that lady of your wet dreams.

  • I now keep my husband in diapers day and night. He used to wet the bed occasionally, and that led to night diapers. As he got older, he started to dribble during the day, and I would see wet spots on his pants. So he wears disposable diapers during the day.

    Talking to his mother, he has always had a wetting problem. I think more men have wetting issues than we are aware of.

    I enjoy the intimacy, and tend to treat him as my baby.

  • Take baby to the next level. Have your girlfriends give you a baby shower. Prearrange for the girls to breast feed and bottle feed him and take turns changing his diapers. Have him open his presents and announce each one ie, Thank you Aunt Susan for the 4 pairs of plastic rumba baby panties. I love the hot pink clear panties with rows of white lace. They wil go great with my pink baby dress. Transform the spare room into a nursery giant locking crib and changing table. Hire a young wet nurse to breast feed him change and spank him. The humiliation will reinforce his baby status. Tease him until he cries the put him in his crib to ponder what a big baby he really is.

  • I hope you’re breastfeeding babies love that. Breastfeeding brings mommy and baby more bonded

  • I wish my wife though as you do I have an enlarged bladder and I am a diabetic. Diapers are a must for me. My wife understands the need for them but she, “doesn’t keep me in diapers. “ I don’t think we will ever be as compatible as the two of you are. You’re very fortunate to have each other.

  • My wife and I were talking to a close friend of ours , who was staying over night with her son. The friend made a comment that her 13 year old son was a bed wetter, and needs diapers nightly. My wife said," Jerry has wetting problems also, right honey" I was so shocked at the confession I could only say "sometimes I can't hold It" My wife said "no not the daytime accidents but your night soakings. He also wears cloth diapers and plastic pants every night". My wife and her friend made sure her son and I wore our wet diapers to breakfast the next morning . Later that day we went shopping and only I was diapers. So upsetting.

  • My wife loves telling her friends that I am in diapers almost all the time. If I am not in diapers, I am in thick training pants. I am 64 years old and love the humiliation. My grandmother and mother diapered me until I was about 19 and joined the Air Force. I was a decent pilot, having flown the F4 and the F16 mostly, I last checked out in the good ole C-130 when I was a 30 year veteran. I never had an incident. When I was in my 20's and 30's and visited my mother, she would always ask me to let her diaper me. My wife loves to pull on the waistband of my pants, expose my diapers and re-pin them, regardless of others being present. Some people hate it, but virtually all the girls and women love to tease me and ask to see my diapers. I wear only cloth diapers with the occasional plastic pants. Even my grown daughters make a big deal over my diapers. Some of our friends are British and call my diapers nappies. I hate the term nappies. And terry toweling nappies are the worst to my American mind. To me, a terry toweling nappy is nothing more than a pinned on bath towel. I have never been an adult baby. I am an unrepentant diaper lover. Big deal.

  • Only officers fly the planes you described. I was in the Air Force. You said joined, that’s enlisted, officers were commissioned, graduated college before they went through flight school and became pilots a lot older than 19. I bet the only planes you flew were toys and probably in a wet diaper and plastic baby panties while your mommy, or wife entertained there girlfriends. That’s allowed babies have wonderful imagination. So don’t cry baby.

  • I got an idea , bus driver ,GO F*** URSELF , seems you got neg comment to anyone on here , why all the fuss ?

  • You certainly are a big baby. Allowing your mother and and aunt to diaper you into your 30s. I hope theY kept you in a crib especially if you only wore cloth diapers and plastic baby panties occasionally. At least a crib mattress wouldn’t be ruined. Did mommy or auntie breastfeed you? Did they help you make Cummins in your diapers. I hope so. You’re the biggest baby on this web site. I think you should be turned into a sissy baby girl with lots of pink and lavender short baby dresses with matching plastic rumba panties. Have your friends tease and humiliate him he seems to love that.

  • Oh come on sweetie pie. You ARE an adult baby and have to wear nappies because you wet like a baby. You should be kept in sweet baby dresses with your nappies covered by frilly baby panties and suck a dummy.

  • You my friend have a BS degree. I don’t mean a Batchelor of Science degree. I was In the air force you didn’t have a degree at 19 years old and become an officer which you would have to be to fly the Aircraft you Mentioned. You must have flown the model’s from your playpen!

  • Be grateful to your wife/mommy. She should put snaps in the legs of all your pants for easy changing. Get you a nice big crib nursery print plastic baby panties a high chair would be nice. Diapers are a blessing for pants wetters like you. Accept that your a baby 👶. You have a mommy to diaper you show some gratitude.

  • I wish was put in diapers by your wife or lady friend at bed time i am bed wetter David 57 old from rhode island email blaird550@gmail.com

  • Did your wife’s friends son know you where wearing wet diapers at breakfast and that you also where wearing diapers when you all went out later ?
    Did you also wet when you where out shopping?

  • My wife's told her son that "Don't be upset, my husband needs diapers and plastic panties every night, he has no control and soaks himself every night. " The next morning we both had breakfast in our very wet diapers. I wet my diaper in traffic and walking to stores.

  • Did your wife carry you diaper bag over her shoulder for a everyone to see. I hope she had a ba-ba In it to keep you nice and wet.

  • Maybe you should volunteer to carry your diaper bag. Don’t walk to far in your thick diapers. So you don’t get lost or runaway she should keep a baby harness and leash on you. For those long strolls a big stroller would be perfect.

  • She should buy you a crib. Confine you to a playpen and have you watch Sesame Street. to keep you out of trouble. Keep you in short dresses for easy changing rumba panties to very thick cloth diapers would make you a very happy baby.

  • Thank you for replying, did it make him feel better knowing you also wear diapers to bed ? And did he know you that you had diapers on shopping, or wasn’t your wife’s friend and son with you both ? Also how did you feel knowing that you both had breakfast in wet diapers?

  • I was sent down in my well padded cloth diapers with pull on yellow plastic panties. He was in a well padded depend. both of us in t-shirts. My wife wanted him to feel at ease so I agreed. I'm a multi wetter at night so my diaper was sagging, showing my lack of control for all to see. On seeing me, our friend smiled and bent down to inspect my vary wet diaper commenting on the sag and wetness shown thru the plastic panties, asking me to turn around to see how wet I was. she ask my wife if she could feel the diaper between my legs, my wife ask me to spread my legs. Our friend felt every inch of the plastic pants, and said how soft it was. . My wife said "Jerry's diapers need to hold his heavy night time wettings and his breakfast accidents before his morning change". Our friends son ways also was in a soaked diaper all through breakfast. After breakfast I was told to change into a Attend with a soaker insert and always plastic panties for a shopping trip in town, our friends son was not diapered. On the way home there was an accident so we were stopped for some time. I mentioned that I needed to have a BM soon. My wife said " don't worry your diapers will hold it" our friend and the 13 old son also agreed. I tried to hold it in, but my body gave in, and the wetting and BM messing started slow but filled my diapers and even out into the plastic panties. It was a mess by the time we got home.

  • Thank you for your reply, and well done for making your wife’s friend’s son feel better about having to wear diapers. Do any other of your wife’s friends know you wear and use diapers?

  • Her sister found out from my wife when she came to our house during the day my wife hung out a load of diapers and plastic pants. I was shopping and came home to a very knowing smile from her. My wife smiled when she ask me if I needed a diaper change before we leave for the movie. I had wet my diaper twice during my morning shopping and could only tell the truth of the need for a change. My wife changed me with the sister watching. The sister helped pull up my plastic pants and made sure the diapers were tucked into the panties. She patted my diapered rear end and said "I'd like to change you myself after the movie baby boy" My wife said that's ok with me. Very upsetting.

  • Did she change you after the movie ? And has she offered to baby sit you if needed ?

  • My sister in-law made sure I had a large cola during the movie, and I could not stop from wetting myself. We did not go home right away, we stopped off at a ladies red hat meeting.. I was soaked by that time. My wife told me to have Jenny change my diapers, and gave me my diaper bag. Some of the ladies saw Jenny pull the waist band on my shorts down for a "diaper check" in the hall way. Jenny made me step out of my shorts for" your very wet diaper change". I was so wet you could see a pool of pee in my plastic pants. Jenny took my hand and walked me to the bath room for the change. most everyone seen my shame and smiled at me after the change.

  • Thanks for the detailed description of your diaper wearing and humiliation. You seem to thrive on wearing wet diapers and embarrassment. Jenny should invite the red hat laddies and other ladies to the park you should lay on a pick neck table while Jenny changes you. Some ladies could do a video and put it on Utube for everyone to see. Also dress you as a babygirl. Then Jenny could throw a baby shower to setup a nursery and layette for you and invite women that are lactating to breast feed and change your wet diapers. You should be feed every hour so you’re constantly wet and loose control of your urine and are in diapers permanently.

  • Did you get any comments after your change ? And was that the only time your sister in law has changed you ?
    Also does she have a man in her life and if so do you think she will get him in diapers?

  • I have that problem so now I just sit to pee like a woman and then wipe like my wife showed me. Out doors I wear women pull down jeans and squat to pee and I feel so clean and nice now. Thanks to my wifes care I no longer have that wet spot.

  • I am a girl,16,and an occaisional bedwetter.My parents make me wear cloth pin on diapers and plastic panties to bed every night.I was just confirmed this past April 28 at sunday mass and all of us girls had to wear white,poofy dresses and veils.My parents made me wear some of my bedwetting diapers and a pair of my plastic panties under my dress! They told me they didnt want me to have an accident in my white dress!

  • Liar. You are a man fantasising about girls in pin on nappies But it is you who wear nappies and pee them like a baby.

  • I am a girl,15,and just finially made my First Holy Communion three days ago on may 19th with the 7 year olds.My parents told me that since i was in the class with the 7 year olds that i would be dressed like them.After my bath,they pinned 10 of the Gerber flat cloth diapers on me in the 24x27 inch size,then put white adult size,crinkly plastic pants on over them,with a white tee shirt as my top.Then came white lace socks,white mary jane shoes,my poofy,top of the knees,short sleeve communion dress and last my veil.I looked and felt like a 7 year old.The plastic pants fit me blousy and bunched up between my legs and crinkled when i walked down the aisle and at my party!My girlfriends and my boyfriend all saw the diapers and plastic pants under my dress and told me i looked just like a little girl!

  • I made my First Holy Communion at 16 in the teen class-13 to 17 year olds and all of us girls had to wear the communion dress and veil with the lace socks and white mary jane shoes just like the little girls have to wear.My parents required me to wear a 10 ply thick cloth diaper with the white adult size,crinkly rubberpants over it and a white tee shirt as my top.The majority of the teen girls in my class had the diaper and rubberpants on under their dresses,and a few just had the rubberpants on with no diaper under them.

  • That was the whole point of making you wear diapers and plastic panties, to make you feel just like a little baby girl.

  • Yes,you are very right! The diapers and plastic panties do make teen girls feel pure and innocent just like baby girls for their First Communions!

  • Your parents did the right thing by putting you into the diapers and plastic pants under your communion dress!They wanted you to be like the little girls and pure and innocent for your First Communion.Many catholic parents with teen daughters making First Communion do the cloth diaper and plastic pants under their daughters dresses to make them pure like little girls.

  • I wish that some one would put me in diapers and dress me like a baby i would love it very much

  • You and me both

  • Yes I want to spanked and then put in a diaper and milky coloured rubber knickers.

  • Nice

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