It's a mental health issue


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  • Try

  • Lol

  • U r a mental health issue

  • I don't have an imaginary friend that I claim is omnipotent and created rules for everything;)

  • You've probably fell for someone religious out of blue and now, hating because now you can't get what you want. Isn't it?

  • When my marriage broke down I received a lot of support from a local church.

  • I would contend that most christians are very caring and forgiving people

  • Hating religious people because of what they do is exactly what they do to others and probably the reason why you are hating on them. You are actually doing the same thing they do, doesnt make you any different from them.... Live and let others live their own life

  • How many wars has there been over religion? Seriously how good does our technology have to get before we decide that religion is irrelevant.

  • Yeah it's great let's keep this crazy nonsense around just to keep people from getting offended. They try to influence laws, what schools teach. Maybe more people would give a s*** about this life more if they weren't putting all there chips in the next soo yeah i don't respect any religion and I just disagree with you

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