Tired of religion being imposed by family

Look. The more they do it. The more I hate their religion. I want them to quit trying to impose their religion on me. I want to have freedom to not be religious.

Feb 11, 2022

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  • Move out. Explain to them nicely why your beliefs differ from theirs. Tell them to respect your boundaries. If not, put some distance between them.

  • If republicans take back the country they will impose the christian religion on the entire country and they will make the bible the new constitution. The way your parents are is the way the republicans will run the country. They want christian prayers in public schools and they are changing laws to have that done. So, just don't get out of your parents house, get out of the US or you'll be subject to mandatory church, bible study, and answer to the Christian Moral Police (proud boys)

  • You Do have that freedom. Unless you are not living in the West

  • If they are Christian, then they are wrong, God doesnt want you to be religious, he just wants you to believe

  • Exactly. He's at least asking for the bear minimum.

  • So don't be? It doesn't sound like you have a problem if you at least tried a little.
    What's your problem really?

  • So don't be?

    What's your problem really?

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