I hate catholics

I f****** hate catholics with a passion. i go to a catholic schools everyday and this religion is so backwards f****** h***. so backwards with its pedophillia and f****** unscientific ideas. cant wait to leave this school that follows the catholic religion.

Mar 21

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  • Leave the school if you don't like it and go to a public school. Most Catholics are are liars, thieves and hypocrites.

  • Catholic men love to sodomize children

  • I despise filthy smelly slimy catholics......the catholic cult supports perverts and child predators ............

  • Is this you Trump?

  • Catholic priests are prolific child abusers. You see new cases every day in the media.

  • I hate the intellectual ones & the nuns most of all. You can just see the demonic look on their faces. Plus, they really really hate the purehearted & they just wanna live at the expense of others. They also think & behave like yehooz.

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