Tired of religion

I'm so tired of religion. Some days i want to believe it all, others i want to be Christian again, and others- i don't want to believe in any of it. How the f*** are you supposed to know which religion is right anyway? What if you are praying to a false God, and never knew it. So then you never had a chance to be "saved" because you were already damned to start with?

This is the type of s*** that runs though my head. And I've finally decided i don't give a damn. I'm sick of being ruled by religion. I want to live how i want to live, and not by the rules of some ancient book, or beliefs that have been passed down though the generations.

Nov 10, 2017

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  • Be your own follower and not a sheep, stop conforming to others. Good luck

  • Read the bible. Read the case for faith and the case for christ by lee strobal. pray to God. Check out Christianity. It will drastically influence ur life

  • Doesn't help

  • You indicate a want or willingness to believe, and to have a meaningful faith, but not one that places demands on you. My suggestion, before you abandon organized religion altogether, is to attend a Unitarian Church for a while. They don't impose a single theology on its members, but rather study and consider them all, allowing their people to believe what they choose to believe, without judgment or criticism. I think that environment may be exactly what you've been looking for, without knowing it, and may be exactly what you need. All best.

  • I believe in God.

  • Good going. Are you a christian?

  • Good on you man! Coming to a desicion like this can be really healthy, I hope that your life improves and you stop being bothered by your thoughts now that you feel more in control of stuff!

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