What to do

So i snorted heroin 3 times in with a freind now i think i want
to do it again but more like trying to inject but the thing is i dont like needles
what to do. i reaallllllllly wanna feel it more

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  • If you carried on, chances are by now, 1.7 years later, you will have just begun to totally f*** your life up. Every heroin or oxy addict begins by experimenting, "I just want to try it once". Nobody every considers what will happen when they find they like it. Nobody sets out to become a homeless junkie panhandling for change, prostituting their body, dead from an overdose, or locked up in prison for some drug-related crime, but anyone considering experimenting with opioids, if you do, it's extremely likely that one or more of those options will become your future, (or death). And yes, I am talking from personal experience. My experimentation with heroin led to 25 years of hardcore addiction that almost killed me in the end. Many of my friends weren't so lucky.

  • Get some help instead of taking this any further. Honestly, you're an idiot because it seems like anonymous people care about more than you care about yourself. Please get out of that rut. You can't come here and expect such help. At least I'm not here to encourage someone to ruin their life. Get help please.

  • Please don't delve any further into the s*** trap that is called heroin. I used to use it, and ended up doing things for it that I never thought I'd do. I lost my job, was kicked out of school for nodding out, sold my body, etc. Heroin is physically addictive and you will get extremely sick if you don't have it. It's not worth it. Please turn back while you still can. Take it from an ex professional drug addict!!

  • STOP RIGHT NOW! There will be no turning back. Stop snorting, smoking it whatever. If you don't you'll wind up s******* your pants, being poor, you're life will be f'd up. You'll never be able to fix it. That person isn't your friend. Life is pain sometimes! You do Heroin you're life will be pain all the time (NOBODY BEATS THAT S***!!!!!!!!! STOP NOw

  • Idiot

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