Locked in chastity

We had decided that it would be fun for me to be locked in chastity some two years ago just to add a bit of spice to our s** life, I studied on the net then discussed it with my wife initially she was reluctant but after a while came around, we ordered a nice clear plastic device with internal lock and got the size exactly right first time, I could not wait to be locked up first for a few hours then moving onto a weekend then a week before I was cuffed behind, released inspected and everything cleaned, now I am going for three months without o***** obviously I cannot m********* while locked, I am still cleaned every Sunday, the device is light, comfortable and occasionally I even forget I have it on, my wife is very happy as she says I am more attentive, nice and do a lot of the household chores (I now wear panties, bras and nighties around the house) plus she decides when I o***** but also controls me to bring her off whenever she likes by tongue, finger and toys it is fantastic we both just love our new love life and wish to continue for ever

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  • I would love to wear a chastity device. My wife wants me to demonstrate strength through self control as she says. We started on abstinance as a way of showing respect while she was pregnant and not feeling like s**. She said she was making a sacrifice through carrying the baby and wanted me to sacrifice through absinance. FF 10 years and the marriage is shakey. She's not interested in s** but letting me do it but she is hating it. We talked and decided on abstinance to give her a break. Initially it was just no s** mon-sat and s** sunday evening. The deal was no pressure and no asking on my part mon-sat. Just to give her a break. Still Sunday nights though she was doing it as a sacrifice.

    We had some discussions. Her point was that mens need was greater than hers and my point was it was a want not a need. She also said she did not like me abstaining because I would pester her for s** and she did not like that pressure. I said that I did not want to pressure her or annoy her.

    She said OK we will go for 2 weeks then. In that 2 weeks I was not to ask or complain or even mention s**. No grinding. Only physical touch was hugging. No groping fondling of b****. OK I agreed. We did s** then after two weeks.

    She then said OK 1 month. That was hard mentally. I had a whole stack of different feelings including ones of great worry and fear. By the end of the month though actually I was feeling better and when we had s** it was almost like a let down because now the clock started again. When the next month was nearly over I had another conversation with her and we went on a new plan.

    No mention and no asking for s** but each sunday night we hug and kiss and I can feel her b******. There will be noo s** ie o***** unless she wants it.

    We have now gone a year and a bit with no o*****. I'm used to the pressure but I am feeling myself getting lazy.

  • This is so fcked up to me!!!!!! Why shouldn't you get to ask for s**?!!! What the fck kind of wife doesn't want to put out ever? Get a new model.

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