Caught by 20 yo daughter !!!

My wife was about 46 at the time, she has a gorgeous body,firm medium b****, flat stomach, short hair and keeps her l**** shaven and waxed leaving just a 'landing strip' of pubes on her mound. we started kissing and touching and just talking and mucking around and both of us got very h****. My wife likes to spoon so we got into that position and i cupped her right b*** and gently squeezed and pulled her nipple ( her nips are about one inch long when aroused) she was softly groaning with pleasure during this. Then she pulled her legs up and exposed her smooth wet p**** lips. I managed to enter her a little and she pushed back against me. We lay there just enjoying the feeling, i continued to play with her b****, she reached over her thigh and was stroking my c*** with her fingertip.
We never heard a car pull up, never heard the dog bark or the glass sliding door open. Next thing the bed room light came on and there was our 20 yo daughter standing at the door. She paused for a moment then said...' Are you having s** ?" quick as a flash my wife said..."no, were just having a cuddle before we go to sleep" I made to move my hand from her b**** but my wife grabbed my hand and stopped me, she squeezed my hand on her b*** as if to say keep going and pushed her p**** back into me a bit harder. So, our girl came over to her mums side of the bed and lifted the doona..." you are having s**, your naked mum" that she sits down on the end of the bed and starts talking about her friends and what was going on in town. ( still inside my wifes p**** and got a handful of b*** !) Gabby( daughter) said offhandedly....keep doing what you were doing...i dont mind. That kinda shocked me in particular, but my wife must have really gotten turned on by it and she started very gently moving her hips back and forth ever so slightly and slowly. I felt her move her hand down to her v**** and i knew she was stroking her c******* because her fingernail was sticking into my c*** each stroke.
After a few minutes, i felt my wifes v***** pulsing and tensing and i knew she wasnt far off c******, so i summoned all of my bravery and thrust into her p****. Seconds later i felt the warm gush of my wifes juice ( she always gushed when she orgasmed) within a second i came inside my wife and i tried to stifle a soft moan. My wife trembled which must have been felt through the bed because our daughter said ' youse just c** didnt ya? My wife said well yeah, we did. Gabby just laughed and said well thats good.
To our surprise and shock, she then stood up and removed her top, bra and jeans and panties. we both looked at each other and said..What are you doing? our daughter came up beside her mother , threw the doona off and got in the bed with us. Why should you have all the fun. My first thought was to get out of the bed and get dressed, but before i could do anything, she had one leg over her mum and was doing the deed on herself. My wife was on her back and we just looked at each other and started to laugh !
I got out of bed and got a box of tissues and cleaned myself , gave the box to the wife and she cleaned up to.
It took Gab about 2 minuted to o*****. I must say it was the most erotic, sexy, awkward, intense experience that i have ever had. Same with the wife, she said it was the most strangest o***** she has had. It was so good, Gabby comes to bed with us from time to time ( 4 times so far) she brings herself off. we dont touch her, although my wife does let Gab play with her b****. Trust me, the s** is fantastic and the o****** from all are earth shattering ! ( for those that are interested, Gabby has her c*** hood pierced and both nipples pierced....and she shaves and waxes her entire bush) Im looking forward to the next session ! True story only name changed.

Aug 9, 2020

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