Love my fatty

When we got married my 5'7" wife was 200 pounds. She doesn't work but hangs around with her girlfriend all day, smoking and eating and watching tv. She does nothing. The house hasn't been cleaned in a year. Everything is dusty and the carpets are filthy. She and her friend each smoke a pack a day and eat a ton. They have both packed on the pounds. My wife is now 260. Yes, she gained 60 pounds in 1 year. The funny thing is, I think she is so much sexier now, that I lately have actually been encouraging her to eat more, actually feeding her sweets while we watch tv in the evening. I hope she gains a lot more weight this year and keeps getting sexier.

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  • What part of the country do you live in? Do you have pictures? If you have a full length nude shot you might send it to plumpers magazine. They fly their models to Miami, glamour them up and pay them big bucks. I personally enjoy j********** while looking at pictures of fat women

  • Your're a lucky man. Are you submissive? Lots of men like large women. Do you light her cigarettes? Does she let you kiss her feet. Do you enjoy j********** in front of her? Do you enjoy taking orders from her. Big women deny themselves no pleasure. Is she dominate with you?

  • How pathetic , go marry a Big Mac

  • There's no b**** half as nasty as a fat b****.

  • The only thing nastier is one who will steal your husband like one of them stole mine. I hate her. And I hate him.

  • Fat chicks know a lot about pleasure. They also know a lot about f******. Skinny chicks are all about delayed (or denied) gratification. Why would any man ever f*** a skinny chick when there are so many fat chicks so available and so eager? Skinny chicks are just irritable and angry all the time. ALL the time. And they almost never give up the p****.

  • I took my girlfriend of 5 years to the buffet tonight shes a gorgeous brunette with a Huge belly that hangs over her private bits shes just over 400lbs anyway it was so sexy watching her stuff herself to the point where she had to unbutton her pants and pull her belly out so after i got up and brought her 4 more plates of food, she was so stuffed she couldn't walk i brought the car around and rubbed her belly till we got home, she got a big surprise went we got home as she laid in bed i brought out a cart of goodies there were 3 cheesecakes 4 danishes a ton of whip cream and chocolate, her eyes lit up even though she was already so full she made room and ate 1 whole whipped cream covered cheesecake. she loved it and i take complete care of her i dont make her work i take care of all the bills and household work she loves our way of life. .fatnhappy

  • I lost my husband of 16 years to a fat b**** like these. I never understood the attraction, or why he would leave a woman like me, who pays a lot attention to her figure and fitness, for a woman like her who did nothing but eat and drink and smoke. Yes, she was younger, but she looked awful and nobody thinks they look good together as a couple. I guess it's some kind of a weird fetish for fat chicks but I do NOT get it.

  • ^ Cheating is terrible. But you sound like he left you for someone just because of their weight. There is more to a person than just what their body looks like. Skinny or fat, you can change your weight, but you can't always change who you are. He figured that out. You sound miserable and narrowminded. Bottomline..she made him happy.

  • I think that is EXACTLY what he did, leaving me because she was a lard-ass with no morals and no standards who left her husband and her children because my husband had a lot more money. If you saw this b**** you would agree that she's a fat and disgusting w****, and my husband was insane to go to her and leave me behind. No man with half a brain would choose her over me. Nobody.

  • the same thing happened to me too. a fat tramp set her sights on my husband and he weakened and left me for her. she was a real piece of s*** (still is) and even got him to knock her up before i knew he was cheating with her so she could call me and gloat about how he was going to leave me and start a new family with her. she was a terrible mother to her own kids and a terrible wife to her husband and i dont see that improving now that she has my man and a kid for him (and now another on the way). the only reason he would leave me for THAT is because he has some kind of sickness for the fat b****** like these other asshats do. jeez what a f****** world. what a m************ world.

  • True, true, true. And yes, I got dumped too for a nasty, sloppy, trailer-trash s*** who is HORRIBLE to look at. All men are pigs, but some men are actual hogs, and some of those are genuinely crazy. There's no explaining it or understanding it. It's f***** up.

  • Here too. My husband went to my 10th H.S reunion with me and met a girl from my class who weighed in at about 250 maybe more. He f***** her that night and moved out three weeks later claiming "true love" and informing me that he was divorcing my "skinny ass". These men are sick to begin with and then they lose their f****** minds too.

  • All you thin women are jealous and angry because your no longer relevant when guys like me see you we see skin and bones you worry about every little calorie and its pathetic you care you so much more about eating like a bird instead of being full figured and happy personally im glad your husbands dumped you for a bigger woman they have great personalities amazing bodies and dont starve themselves they live life happy not constantly worrying about what people like you think ill take a big woman with huge b****** over your tiny titted paper thin frame bodies. fatnhappy

  • ^ Absolutely true ^. After drooling over this one BBW at my office, but being certain she wouldn't mess with a married guy, one night I finally asked her out for drinks after work and it was incredible. On the way to the bar, she went down on me and gave me the best b****** of my entire life. Then when we got to the bar, as we sat in the parking hot, she pulled up her dress and turned to one side and fisted herself in the ass right there in the car. Needless to say, we never made it to the bar. We went instead to a motel, and she proceeded to give me the f*** of the century. Next morning, I left my wife and family and moved in with the woman from work. I've never been happier. BTW.....she's 5'1" and weighs over 260. DAMN!

  • This is so f***** up.......

  • Sounds just like my wife. She used to struggle to keep her weight at 180. Then she just decided to f*** it and began pigging out and piled on the pounds. In the last year or so, she has gained a lot, and now weighs 260+. I must admit she is so much sexier now. And a lot hornier. Love it.

  • Each to their own. I like my wife skinny.

  • Bigger is sexier the more she gains the better the s** will be fatten her up some more and post pics if possible id love to see her weight gain progress. -bbwlover

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