Country fun

Me and my wife have lived in the country our whole lives growing up. We met at a 4H convention and been together since. It's very hard to find a nice home in the country so when we married we had no choice but to move in town. About 6 years after we married we finally found a nice home on the edge of town. Still in the country but just outside of town, but we have one neighbor across the street. For several months we had yet to meet the neighbors until one day the UPS guy dropped off their package at our house. I get home from work 2 hours before my wife does so I got the package and just decided to run it over. The neighbor lady answered the door and I explained I had received her package by mistake. She apologized for me having to run it over and invited me in for a drink. I graciously accepted and stepped in looking around. I commented that she had a lovely home and asked if her husband was around so I could meet him as well. She explained that he is a long hall truck driver and almost never home. She then proceeded to hand me a drink and we continued our small talk. I told her I was renovating the house across the street, but it was difficult because we are also living there. She then asked me if I knew anything about sink drains. Then asked me if I could look at hers real quick. I explained that it looked like the trap needed cleaned out and asked her if she had some pliers. She fetched a pair from the closet and I crawled under the sink laying on my back. I was just about to loosen the trap when she started rubbing my d***. I looked down at her and said "excuse me". She looked at me and started to cry, she explained that it had been so long since she felt a man that she wasn't even thinking. She proceeded to say her husband is never home, and when he is he isn't interested in her. From the angle I was at I could see straight down her blouse. She had very nice t*** and the sight of them hanging got me excited. I told her it was ok, and then asked her if she wanted to continue. She quickly unzipped my pants and pulled out my d***. She started sucking me like I had never been sucked before. I don't have a small d***, about 9 inches when hard. She was taking me completely down to my b**** and I could tell she could take more if I had it to give. After several minutes of her giving me the best b****** I have ever had, she got up and straddled me. She was wearing a fairly long skirt that came down to her feet. She hicked it up and pulled her panties to the side. Before I could object to intercourse she was already sliding down on me. Her p**** was warm, tight, and wet as f***. She had no trouble sliding down on me. It felt amazing and all I could do was just lay there and enjoy her tight p**** sliding up and down on me. She rode me for a few minutes and then let out a screaming o***** as she gripped my shirt and chest. The sight of her having this massive o***** on my d*** was more than I could take and I exploded myself all over deep inside her. After that she cleaned me up and put my d*** back in my pants zipping me up. She composed her self and calmly asked me how things were going under the sink. I finished the job and was back home before my wife got home. I have seen the neighbor lady a couple times since, but we haven't talked about what happened nor has there been a repeat. I can't wait until another one of her packages show up at my house so I can have an excuse to go back over.

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  • Flashed my breast at the neighbor guy once. I thought he was cute, he was standing outside putting together a new grill, I stepped out in my pajamas and saw him. He looked up to say hi and I lifted my top up showing him my breast. His eyes got really big, I lowered my top, waved, and stepped back in the house.

  • I bet her hubby was hiding in the closet as you pumped her

  • I had a woman do that to me before. She came on to me and I ended up going with her back to her place. When I noticed the pictures of her and some guy she told me it was just a guy she knew. We went to her bedroom and had s**. She was kinky as f***. Talking dirty and telling me to smack her ass. Then after we finished she told me she had a confession to make. Instantly my mind went to something bad, like she was going to tell me she was a transgender or some s***. Then she said "that guy in the picture is my husband and he likes to watch me f*** other guys." She then said he had been in the closet this whole time. I called bullshit until her husband opened the closet door and walked out. I was like holly f***, let me get my pants on dude. He was actually a nice guy, he just loved watching his wife bring home guys from the bar and f*** them.

  • Did you get to do a repeat?

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