I'm scared out of my mind...

I quite smoking weed because it started giving me seizures.
I still have seizures, and every time I have one, I'm scared shitless.
My parents don't know. My sister doesn't, my cousin doesn't...only three people in my life know about them, and two of them live in different countries.
I'm really scared that I'm going to die....
...and I'm only sixteen...

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  • Take a hammer and kill your parents it will make you feel better

  • I'm guessing you don't have full seizures because you know enough to witness them. If you totally blacked out then thats another matter.

    But that fear type. It may be something called a Partial Complex seizure. Medication can control it in most cases. Took me 5 different medications to find what worked for me but I'm seizure free for the last 1.5 years.

    I think some of it can relate to the weed, but only certain strains affect you. It seems to be the case with me. But some, and its fine. Buy some more, and it seems to make my meds less effective.

    But having these seizures at such a young age, hold back on the weed and start with a general doctor. Explain its not anxiety or depression. They might recognize it after a EEG and/or MRI. They'll usually try a CAT scan to rule out brain damage. I hope you have coverage.

    So do you generally just lose the ability to talk or what?

  • Go to the doctor, fool! You might have something wrong with your central nervous system (you brain)

  • if you're still having the seizures after stopping smoking weed, it most likely has nothing at all to do with maryjane. and even if it does, i'm sure your parents would rather have you alive and smoke pot than dead because you felt you cou'ldn't tell them the truth.

  • You need to tell someone, because if you have two seizures in a row, you could die. They really hurt your brain.
    You don't have to tell your parents they're from weed, but do tell your doctor.

    I wish you the very very best

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