Mid-morning..And already want to go drink..

I'm so aggravated with work this morning that, not even 9:30am, and want to head out to the bar as soon as they open at 11:00am.. Know I shouldn't and probably won't (or at least, that early..Lunch is still an option), but it's bad that I want a beer this early already..Not even want a beer so much as..Escape.

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  • Go to an AA meeting. Get some help. Get someone to help prop you up and hold you accountable. You don't have to do this on your own. Please don't give in to the temptation.

  • AA isn't the answer. I really don't have a drinking problem; It's more of a frustration with work and other things, and, the easy escape, no matter how short, has become the go-to move lately. I did stop off for lunch after two appointments, had turkey club, one draft, then left. If it were about beer, I'd have stayed longer; Was heading home anyway.

    I'm certainly accountable and don't need a prop up. My thing lately, as said, is that heading to a bar has become too easy an escape.

  • :) That's a nice rationalization, and it's the one that's gotten you to this point. Nearly every true alcoholic says these things. The hole you're in is deeper than you think it is. You need to get out of it. One way is to climb out of it, either on your own or with some help. The other is to be carried out of it. In a body bag.

  • He's drinking, because he's unhappy with his life and work.The drink is an escapism.However, the alcohol is only a quick fix and doesn't solve the OP's actual problem, that makes him, turn to alcohol.The alcohol is more like a plaster, it covers the cut and prevents any infection getting into the cut, but it doesn't heal the cut.
    I think the OP doesn't have an alcohol problem, but it could become that way, if he doesn't make some positive changes at his work and in his life.Only then, would he possibly be able to stop using the alcohol, as a quick fix.

  • Time to make some changes in your life then

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