War tory from the Vietnam era

I'm white but many of my comrades in arms and friends were not white. My favorite companion white or not was Robin the wonder boy from Motown. He got the name Wonder boy because his last name was Robin.

Vietnamese bar owners would sometimes put up signs that read "No ** allowed". This was the Vietnamese bad nt ours.

Seeing one of these establishments I casually said to Robin lets drink here. Robin said what about the sign. I said ** the sign.

Going into the bar the frantic Vietnamese owner said look at sign we not let ** in here. I said well your going to let this ** in. THe owner got shrill. I call police. I went over to a large cooler full of Tiger beer and sit down. The owner tried to get the beer back but Robin knocked him down and we drank his beer.

Ok we then knocked his cooler over spilling ice and beer bottles everywhere.

This earned me and Robin a month in the brig and we were told not to go anywhere together. We did anyway.

Vietnamese girls don't like to ** black men and they would often run away into the night half naked. Robin and I ruined many a bar owners business.

No ** allowed my **.

13 days

Next Confession

I saw a trans **

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  • ** huh? Makes no sense

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