I drink about 10 bottles of beer a day. I have been doing that for more than 5 years. People do not notice because I am used to it. Without beer I do not feel normal.

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  • You'll age as bad as the lady that chills in the tanning bed all the time

  • Have a look at the damage you are doing to your body, like the size of your liver, etc... please find some help and reduce it at least, in the first instance. Many people out there are having this problem.

  • Feeling abnormal when you can't get alcohol is a symptom of alcoholism. If I were you I'd go without drinking say for a month and see if that was an improvement.

  • You have been drinking for so long you may not be able to just quit cold turkey. Alcohol is one of those drugs that you may need the aid of a medically supervised detox. Alcoholism can kill you if you drink too much and if you go cold turkey depending on how much you drink everday- that can kill you too. The fact that you are writing here, maybe you are ready to live a sober life and face whatever you are trying to escape. Drinking 10 bottles of beer each day is not normal.

  • I agree with the above. You should seek the help of a professional. There are many out there who have great skill and who will be able to assist you in making the transition from alcoholism to sobriety. Please go find someone to help you.

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