I hate my family life

I am a 28yr old father of two, one newborn, one 8rs. I f****** hate my life and feel typing this up here will somewhat ease the pain. I can't talk to anyone about how I feel, wife is great and great with the kids but refuses to see anything from my point of view. Seriously regretting having another (love that lil guy to bits) but what you don't know wouldn't hurt yeah? My 8yr old lad is as useless as a chocolate fire guard. Can't do anything right and persistently talking f****** garbage! Again he's a kind warm young boy with a heart of gold, but that doesn't make him anyless annoying. The newborn is pretty much on constant scream mode all day long, we looked forward to the peace and quiet when he had his midday nap but he seems to have clicked onto that so he doesn't have them now. I never want to leave work, I miss coming home and relaxing, I can't anymore, constant f****** noise, can't watch the tv, can't chill out, it's f****** torture. How are these kids a blessing?? I just don't get it I really don't, it doesn't make sense. I try not to let my feeling be known but I know my eldest is starting to click onto the fact I'm not a great fan of his company. I feel like such a bad person and father but how do you stop these feelings? If I could I would but honestly I have no f****** idea how. I just pray for the night time when they sleep and I can be human and reminisce of a time kid free. For all you other people out there contemplating children beware. Don't get me wrong you will love them to death but everyday you will be thinking of how much better it would be if you never had them.

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  • You're a c***.

  • Smoke weed man, little kids are annoying as f*** doesn't matter if it's your own or not, either that or start drinking because if you think it f****** sucks s*** now, wait a couple years.

  • I am a mom, so my first reaction was to be upset with you, but then I thought about it. My child is a young teen already, and although I am not sure what the teen years will bring, I have to say she's fun to be around now. So maybe when they're older you'll enjoy them more.

    My mom once told me when she was small that she will get into these stages that will drive me crazy, and as soon as I think I simply can't handle it anymore she will be into the next stage. I found that to be true.

    Please guard yourself around the older boy. They're smart and they do catch on, and rejection from a parent can change him as a person.

    Maybe this really isn't your thing? Maybe marriage and kids full-time aren't your thing? Maybe you have to make some tough choices. Not that you can stop being a father, but you could leave and just have them on weekends or every second weekend.

    I am sorry you're struggling so much. You're not a bad person. Being a parent isn't usually blissful, actually isn't often. You're human. Good luck, sweetheart. <3 If you ever needto vent I'd be willing to listen.

  • Ur not out of trouble yet my dear young guys wil b smeling round her and if they get a chance make u a grany

  • I am not under any delusions of what the teen years and more hold. I once was my daughter's age. But I also know if you raise a child to love and respect themselves they stand a better chance overall. YOU could stand to take a few English lessons. :)

  • You crazy hoe, he needs to bail, you only get one life f*** spending it I other people

  • You have done your bit - provided sperm. From now on it's just cash and because social security and the courts awarding child support as a father you are f*****! She will withdraw s** and emotional connection and you will keep paying.

  • Stop with your; cynical and pessimistic views, man!!!

  • Face the truth f***** !!!

  • No one can help you, with your ignorance and stupidity! It must be genetic!!

  • You gotta understand these are just stages & its something you gotta have tough skin for .. None of us guys are built & actually prepared for the kid thing . I admit that when my kids were that age it was 50/50 sometimes I enjoyed them & sometimes I didn't .. but you have to understand that their not going to be kids forever, matter of fact their adults longer then their gonna be kids .. but yeah it's normal to have these feelings because family life has always been the womans dream not the guys .. you notice as a kid when girls would try to get you to play house, but you weren't into that because you were all about action figures & destroying s*** lol .. so just hang in there sir because its all temporary & as far as the wife not seeing anything from your point of view get used to that, but I wouldn't be surprised if she pushes you into the arms of another .. be strong sir ..

  • Man, you f***** up. Best of luck.

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