My sister-in-law was warned and she didn't listen

My brother and I grew up in a gang infested neighborhood. Our family taught us better and once we could, we got out. Sadly, because our family still lives in the area we return every so often for holidays and such. But we know how to survive these streets.

My sister-in-law is from a big city but it doesn't have the problems my hometown has currently. She came with my brother for our grandmother's funeral. She pulled out a red and black bandana and she proclaimed her love for the colors. Both my brother and I told her that, more or less, blue was the dominant color here and she needed to put it away or she would get hurt. A few days later and our dad and my brother left to handle some stuff for the funeral she took the bandana out and wrapped it over her head . I chased her to the front yard telling her to take it off. She said "whatever! No one will do anything. You're brother worries too much." and kept walking. Sure enough, she got jumped by a few people and now she is in the hospital in bad condition because they set fire to her shirt and bandana suffering severe burns.

I hope she pulls through and reanalyzes how things are run here. This isn't Minneapolis.

Sep 16, 2016

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  • Orange you glad I didn't say bandana.

  • Women don't listen. EVER.

  • Have a cookie, bitter incel <3

  • Well people can be stupid. I hope she heals and her scars remind her to heed a legitimate warning.

  • I hate it when people don't pay attention to life saving advice / I hate the world we now live in/ gangs, no morals, no accountability how long before God sends the tidal wave

  • Damn.

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