Can't stand baby boomers

Baby boomers: wrecked the housing market. Trillions of dollars of debt. No jobs. Quadrupled the price of tuition. Melted the ice caps. Burned a hole in the ozone. Cut down the forests. Nuked the earth. Sold out as hippies. Obesity. Health care crisis. To me, history will show that baby boomers are the most entitled generation, the most selfish, destructive, and flat-out stupid by willful ignorance. The more I age the more I resent baby boomers.

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  • You might be aging but you're not getting any smarter.

  • GFY, entitled bum!

  • Who paid your tuition, you or Daddy?

  • I did. What credit do you deserve for that question? Do you think your presumptions gave you some killer argument? Baby Boomers give nothing but misery.

  • Bs! They gave you everything you have but being a sniveling, entitled worm means you aren't grateful. Not surprising, either.

  • As much as you cry, you must be a millennial (aka: snowflake). For someone from a generation that hates stereotyping, you all sure do a lot of it.

  • And yet, I still despise Baby Boomers. Can't stand 'em. If my scruples are warped to you, and if you want to feel superior for it, pat yourself on the back if you're a Baby Boomer. Because that's what this generation taught me. I don't even get what you're moaning about anyway. Are you hoping to put me down? Well guess what we're all of us already there, genius. We're ALL of us there. Where, you ask? In the thick of the mire created by Baby Boomers. We'll spend the rest of our lives paying for them and what they have done, what they do, and what they make us younger generations into. So congratulations. You brought out a rant from me that makes me detest the whole generation that much more.

  • You can hate boomers all you want but their only crime was spoiling your rotten a-s-s-e-s to the point that you expect everything for free and feel you're entitled to the fruits of other people's work.

  • You know generation labels aren't real

    Mothers don't synchronize their son's birth

  • That's your argument? Stop it, you're hitting me with a limp wet noodle and it's just sad.

  • Aww, did that comment trigger you, lil' snowflakes?

  • To quote the great Reagan, "there you go again". There isn't much quite as foolish as a old bag's second guessing in print ; blaming & labeling the prior generation for her ills & misfortune. Foolish because anyone can reflect on the past & easily critique with present day updates & knowledge. That stated, the fool using hindsight to criticize is laughed off because one knows that based on the criteria then, THEY probably would have made similar decisions. Try to keep in mind always, It's All Relative.

  • There is nothing, nothing worse walking the earth today than a Baby Boomer. N-O-T-H-I-N-G. Take your platitudes and shove them up whichever hole you spewed this nonsense from. Baby boomers are human garbage.

  • GFY ! Gen X-ears and millennialis want everything handed to them without having to work for it. Lazy dolts like you point fingers at others for your own failures. YOU S-U-C-K!!

  • Agree

  • GFY, imbecile!

  • As a 50 year old GenXer, born in 1965, I couldn't have said it better. And to pour salt in the wound, we now have to spend our listen to them b**** about getting old. All the while we must finance their retirement while they continue to vote for lawmakers who sit on their smug, ignorant a**** and threaten us that social security will be bankrupt by the time we are old enough to need it. They selfishly vote for dimwits who ignore climate change because ...greed. Plus they figure they'll be dead by the time the climate problems are in their own backyard. Ugh! I could go on for days. They can wipe their own golden a****.

  • Gen-exers are only slightly less lazy than millennialis.

  • And baby boomers are waste of the earth.

  • They've accomplished far more than you putrid generation.

  • Don't blame people for the inevitable consequences of crapitalism. When you buy into crapitalism, you get all the crap that comes with crapitalism.

    No one is more 'entitled' than the tiny handful of uber-wealthy parasites who together control more wealthy than half the nation. Those parasites are not worth the wars that they demand we fight.

  • Your jealousy is duly noted, termite.

  • Capitalism has freed more people than any other Economic System. You'd fit in well with a Socialist system with your laziness and jealousy.

  • Actually, when I think of entitlement, I think of the Summer of Love. "We want the world and we want it now!" History will eventually gain the perspective that I have about it. About what a buch of lazy, spoiled, selfish s**** the lot were.

  • We don't have real capitalism here in the United States, and we never did. Our economy was always regulated, and since the 30s it has been a hybrid of capitalism and socialism.

  • Not true at all.

  • You're absolutely right. We ruined the country for future generations. However, instead of rebelling and fixing the mess we left for you, Gen X and the millennials are so collectively docile and stupid that they've gone along with every stupid thing we've done. And the hippies really did turn out to be a spoiled bunch of corporate sell outs.............

  • We ruined nothing. We spoiled the next 2 generations into lazy oafs.

  • That should be the single most rotten thing about baby boomers. You had your chance to stop all this madness. Instead you sold out, and indoctrinated those very beliefs unto your children. Now you sit there and gloat like it's something to be smug about. Look at the smug comments in here, as though turning the world into s*** and passing it along on the next two generations are achievements. That we're all stuck here in this shitheap is a virtue. It's not. It's disgusting. Yep, teach your kids to be stupid, be smug about it, wow what a surprise they f****** turned out stupid. I didn't say my generation or the subsequent is any better. You know why? They're not! Your children were born for the sole purpose of taking care of your sorry fat a**** when your all addled with diabetes and lung cancer. That's it. Pray to God more people don't catch on and just keep on footing the bill for angioplasties and chemotherapy. I ain't down with that though, so you best take your assuming nose and stick it where the sun don't shine. My best offer to this world is not having any kids. Is it my best offer to myself? No, my best offer to myself is to never get in debt. So I will take your witless retort and turn it around on you. No kids, no debt, and help the Earth. That's what I do. I consider your curse to be nowhere near me.

  • I could eat a bowl of alphabet soup and c-r-a-p out a better missive than your spittle-laced diatribe.

  • You missed my whole point. I'm actually disgusted by the fact that the people of my generation decided to bankrupt the country, destroy our economy and corrupt our morals. I never supported any of these disastrous policies, or the politicians who were making these decisions. The only thing I'm saying here is that it was the responsibility of Gen X and the millennials to get educated, get organized and then stand up and demand real reform. Instead, you morons were too busy f****** around on social media and p*** sites while the baby boomers were burning down the country. You morons grew up with the internet so you had free access to truthful political information that I had to acquire by spending thousands of dollars on books. The fact that today's young people support hard core socialists, communists and globalists like Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders tells me that, collectively, you Gen X'ers and millennials are brain dead. If you people really think that bankrupt socialism can ever be fixed with even more socialism than you have absolutely no future.

  • Hillary and Trump are baby boomers.

  • Look at all the thought and effort that went into typing this well-formed response, and all to redirect the blame back onto the shoulders of the younger generations. Congratulations on living up to your generation's standard. Pay attention boys and girls, because you don't get this good at passing the buck from talent alone. It takes years of practice to reach this level.

  • You really are an imbecile thinking that the lazy millenials and Gen-exers can think for themselves.

  • You're welcome to keep on insulting us. Just remember... when you need that triple bypass surgery - we're the ones who will be operating on you. Good luck!

  • Unless all 76.4 million of you are doctors, there will be in proportion one h*** of a lot more baby boomers that will need our support over the next 20-40 years. Good thing only baby boomer doctors know heart surgery, though. If the younger generations learn this mysterious practice, you'll have precious little else as a redeemable quality.

  • Amen!!

  • Oh man. I thought of a really mean retort to this but I can't say it. No way, nuh-uh.

  • Believe me, the glut of sorry assed retirees who have spent a whole lifetime of taking, wasting, and ruining, who will now spend the next decades with their hands out after they spent a whole lifetime harping on us about responsibility and maturity will be a mean enough retort that doesn't need a lick of jibber jabber from your liver lips.

  • Keep spewing your nursery school banter because you can't make it on your own, Junior.

  • I agree with all of this comment. But "liver lips?"...*shakes head*

  • Wow, after everything I said, that's the one thing that you take issue with? That? Buddy I was so drained emotionally from alterating between laughing my cute hairy buns off and dishing out heaps of cathartic episodes of verbal scat-o-rama jjamma, yesterday was like a day of 20 o******. Ever have one of those? I digress. The point is I put some serious s*** into absolutely d***-all. Seriously I don't know whether to thank you or call you a fish-eyed fool.

  • ^^^^^ Haha love it

  • Uh ok...calm down sparky lol

  • You'd hate to see me when I ain't calm, brother. But hey, what the f*** do I know, while you read my post, another baby boomer goes down, his hedonistic indulgencces caught up to him just like dveryone said. What's he leaving his son? Medical bills, funeral bills, and the sorry memory of watching the old fella with his lungs burned out, pancreas curdled, liver shot, body bloated with sugar, heart clogged. But wait, there's more! I know some baby boomers, former workers in a chemical factory, who knowingly, readily, and willfully illegally buried and dumped toxic waste in rural Ohio. "Don't worry, son! Nature works itself out!" Yippee good times there, champ. Definitely stuff to be calm about.

  • More tripe from a POS millenial.

  • Daaaaaayummmm !!! Just one day after I posted this - by golly let the record show! - goes and lauches an article about illegal chemical dumping in Ohio.

  • ^Lacks a comeback so resorts to mockery. Haha

  • And don't forget about how they turn around and blame the mess they created on the younger generations.

  • ^^^^^ they are nothing but whiners. My favorite is when they complain they are only getting like 2400.00 monthly from ssi, own their own homes outright, go out to eat all the time, casinos, cruises, and they have the nerve to b**** about paying a prescription cost. What's the matter can get 3 lobster rolls this week. STUPID F****** C@NTS

  • Like your generation that demanded that their parents buy them everything they wanted but bitched when they didn't get it.

  • A the f$cking men - Thank you, I've been thinking this for years

  • You haven't had a thought of you own for years.

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