No zen

Whenever I come across those carefully stacked piles of rocks at the shoreline, I always knock them down.

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  • When I used to encounter them at the lake or in forests once in a while, it was a sweet surprise and a source of wonder. And then IG came along and everyone got to snatching up all the flat rocks they could so they could inflict selfies with the stacks on the internet.

    So now I knock them over too. Don't like it? Fight me, hipster! It's you pretentious turdlets who are the problem, appropriating what you think makes you look #woke. Bunch of fedora-wearing syphilis sores.

  • Just wait for the children to leave first.

  • There's always one idiot who has to drag children into it. As if kids have the patience, intelligence, or coordination to stack stones.

    Even if there were kids around, why shield their precious little psyches? It'd be a good lesson that the little bastards aren't as important as Mommy says they are.

  • That's just so f***** up.

  • Talking to that face in the mirror again?

  • Zen isn't in the stacking, or how long they last.

  • A good lesson, indeed. People spend their whole lives trying to build their mark on the world, not realizing how easily it can be erased when they're gone. Real zen is not dependent on a pile of stones.

  • Just because your life is a pile of ruins and rubble doesn't mean everyone else should share in your misery.

  • Shhh, little hipster. Real talk here. You know, the kind of communication you claim to value so much but can't help clapping back at anyway, like the child you still are?

  • Ahahahahahhaa priick

  • That's not nice. Why destroy what someone has built?

  • Nothing is permanent. Why not scatter the stones?

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