My parents will kill me!

My parents are both very religious. I found out recently that I am bisexual. I want to come out to them, but I'm afraid of how they'll react.

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  • Tel them u like c*** and p****

  • If they are religious christian then they won't kill you. If they do it will prove they were not christian. That's good to know too.

  • Your sexuality is your own business, your parents don't need to know.Not until you find someone special and you're within a same s** relationship, with that special person :)
    Good luck and just live your life.

  • Your sexuality is your own, not theirs.

    If they ever figure out where you're at, you can ask them how long they've been fixated on other people's genitalia -- what they do with it ... what they might do with it ... what they want to do with it ... what they will never do with it ... how they relate to it ... and so on. By now, they should be disgusted and/or horrified by what you've said to or think about them.

    Remember -- YOUR genitalia is YOUR genitalia, and THEIR genitalia is THEIR genitalia. Tell them that you'll trust them to keep THEIR genitalia and ask that they trust you to keep YOUR genitalia.

  • Nothing lasts.

  • My Dear, much like the first response are not obligated to tell your parents/family/friends that you're bi-sexual. It's not like they will witness you having sexual encounters. This is just something you can neatly keep to yourself UNTIL or UNLESS you choose to enter into a same s*x relationship. Just keep it to yourself for now. No worries.

  • You don't have to do anything that your not comfortable with.

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