I follow my own religion and think my own thoughts

S**** those religious p***** who say I'm going to h*** for being bisexual, left handed, and free minded. I had this very religious guy come up to me and say "God hates you, you're left handed, which means you're the Devil's minion, you're bisexual and God looks down on dirty sinners like you."
So I did the right thing and said "If already being left handed and if me liking boys and girls makes God not want me, then God's rules have no ruling over me" and then I punched the s*** out of his jaw.
Listen I have no hatred to other being religious, I mean I believe in god in my own way, I follow my own religion and think my own thoughts, but when someone comes and tells me I'm damned from the start then yeah that's when I start having a problem.

Jul 25, 2012

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  • Everyone has the right,to interpret the bible and use it,within the manner they choose.That said,I think it's unacceptable to bash and undermine people,who have different interpretations of the bible.
    You can be gay and still be a devout christian etc.Love is love and within my opinion,I don't think god judges us,on what gender the person is,that we fall in love.

    So good for you,my friend :)

  • Good for you. I would've punched the m*********** piece of s*** too.

  • That guy was just an a******. You live your life. Judging and hatred is also a sin so if God hates you (which he doesn't) then that means he hates that guy as well. God loves all. That guy's just a hater.

  • i get damned at church because im left handed im not gay but they still say so and im free minded we can talk hear about this stuff ps are you boy or girl

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