Im just drowning in deep.. I feel it so deep and difficult to pull myself up. I have to breathe, but I can't!
And the irony is, the person trying to save me is drowning too!
Is this life? Why is the struggle so difficult?

Sep 22, 2016

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  • Live in the moment.

  • Not helpful if you feel like you're drowning "in the moment". Take your fake-ass Kardashian "wisdom" somewhere else, loser!

  • I understand...Whatever you need to feel better. I hope you can find a way to spoil yourself. You truly deserve it. :) My heart longs to say more... but writing on here becomes so confusing... and makes me less natural in person. I can't handle the two different worlds well. If you need anything you know how to contact me. I'd be there in a heartbeat. I mean it.X

  • Moi encore. M

  • Thanks you inspired me to spoil myself..

  • I'd love to spoil you.

  • I keep returning here like an addict to hear your thoughts. You must do what's best for you... You're the only one who truly knows what that is. Listen to yourself...not me or anyone else. It can get so noisy. I just want to hear myself clearly and surrender to whatever the moment brings... I'm stumbling a lot along the way.I know I misfired once. I burn inside for you. I feel pretty vulnerable at times... But it's ok. All my love :) X

  • Sitting in silence I also read and think I am not the only one who gets confused or think of being misfired..This can't be the way of any communication on any given day...
    Real talk should be the path always but everytime I tried it failed..
    Complete silence is one thing which I can see now open .. Only Me should be the setting that is the best option. I have to get it off my chest so my heart will speak and mind will be the trash.

  • Thanks )))(((

  • I relate. F

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