I went to a church today. One of very few times I've ever gone to a church. Not cause I don't believe. I'm just secure enough in my belief and love of God that I don't need to go to church to show that, not that I'm criticizing anyone who does attend. It's just not for me.

And the particular chuch I went to was nice enough, beautiful enough. But as nice and beautiful as it was... I had to force myself not to walk out in the middle of the service.

I wonder if I'm a unique case. It just felt so... polluted. Commercialized. It unnerved me. I was just... disgusted. I don't know.

But I stayed, cause of my cousin. That's the only reason I went. His death was being honored, and I love him very much.

When I got in the car with my mom, I said ''Don't ever ask me to do that I again. I did it for him.''

Not for Him. No, I love God my own way, not through some polluted, over-crowded church. I felt ashamed that my cousin was being honored there.

I'm not sure what I'm confessing here. Maybe just confessing an experience that I can't really share with anyone else.

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  • Forget about churches, the bigger question is...
    Why do you need an imaginary friend to tell you right from wrong?

    GOD IS NOT REAL!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I feel kinda the same about churches. I feel sad knowing that when I put my money in the collection plate, instead of going to those less fortunate (who really need it ), the first cut is taken by the pastor/preacher, and then of course we have to upgrade our church by remodeling it to make it look better than all the other churches. F*** that! I say, instead of going to church to worship God, go do something meaningful in your own community. . .serve God that way! I bet he is looking down at these corrupt churches and shaking his head. The people who help others are the ones with a shoo-in to heaven!

  • ^you sound like Big Brother ahahaha. If you don't know what I'm talking about, read George Orwell's ''1984''. I'm sure you'd enjoy it.

  • Hear, hear. But don't be too harsh on the people who choose to gather in a church every Sunday either. If it works for them, cool. I do agree with you though that it's not for everyone. And don't worry about where your cousin was being honored, the important thing is that you remember him your way.

  • i feel the same way. church is a redundant& out-dated ritual. i think God would much rather have us spending that hour out helping people than worshipping his humble ass.

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