Anyone who is unemployed-please answer?

If you are? When did you graduate? How long have you been in this situation? What have you been doing with yourself? How do you feel about this whole situation? What do you think will happen in the future? Please tell your stories?

Feb 20, 2011

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  • Entrepreneur. Its a great job. I write for a living, and enjoy the h*** out of it. It gives me quite a bit of freedom that 'cubicle jobs' don't give. I don't have a regulated schedule, as I couldn't honestly live well with one. I hated school if only for that. But if you are not into that, or don't have the chance, then I can suggest to calm down a bit. It is valid to worry about your future, but some of your questions seem frantic. Such as "What have you been doing with yourself" which makes it sound as if you are extremely anxious right now, and or can't find anything to do because you were perhaps recently laid off.

  • Why analyze everything to death when someone asked some simple questions and never even said THEY were unemployed? Come on. Frantic?

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