Regretting my infidelity

I want to come clean to my wife about my cheating ways. I love her so much and I don't think she will be able to forgive me once I tell her. I had s** with 4 escorts and countless HE massages. I was stuck in this downward spiral of description and l***. I have to live with whatever choice she makes but I don't think it'll be good. S** addiction is a b****!

Sep 23, 2016

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  • I hope your Mrs has f***** other people as well, during your relationship. You can't be the only one, having all the adulturous fun!!

  • Tell her. If she finds out any other way (and she will because you are doing this often) it will be over. To let her know in advance gives her respect and power. Otherwise, she is just a fool for not knowing

  • Keep your big mouth shut!

  • I'm a female, but don't tell her. It will be a mess. Just keep it in the pants in front of others, j*** one out to p*** or something, if you need to, and be a good boy. Please.

  • I'm on the DO NOT TELL HER train.

  • Dont tell her escorts are ok not cheating

  • Idiot

  • I would not tell her. I have not cheated but my marriage is fragile. She remembers every negative and none of the positive. I think your wife will just hold your actions against you and your honesty will mean zip to her

  • I'm glad you haven't cheated on her. Maybe if you showed her more attention and tell her what you like about her that is different from others she will feel a little less insecure. Tell her that you really love her and that's why you've never cheated. Not sure of your age, but sometimes when women get older they get afraid that you don't love them and that you want someone younger. Tell her you would like to recapture some of the magic of your earlier days. Remind her of the good things or great moments you have had. Take her somewhere special when she isn't expecting it. Sometimes, showing a woman that you really care means a lot and can go a long ways toward making a better marriage.

  • DO NOT TELL HER ANYTHING. Go to a therapist or counselor and begin the process of treatment, and get help with ending the behavior immediately. But don't tell her about what you've done. You may think it will solve the problem, but all it's going to do is shift the burden and guilt of those occurrences from you to her. It will make you feel relieved, but it will make her feel violated, misled, insufficient and insecure. And it will make her feel like cutting your nuts off. DO NOT TELL HER ANYTHING.

  • Discuss with your wife, that you may have a s** addiction.Describe to her why you think, you may have one.
    It's upto you, whether you want to disclose your sexual infidelities or not.But if you do, don't be surprised if your wife isn't understanding.

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