Not happy with my life

I found my fiancé almost two years ago. My ex boyfriend and I just broke up and I needed to find someone right away, to prevent me from going back to my ex. We just made a huge commitment and I am regretting it. I don't think I ever loved him. He was a rebound that I kept dating, because I felt bad saying no. Neither of us are happy, because he has made me a bitter, mean, and unhappy person. I only have s** with him a couple of times a month, because s** is no longer fun. I want to leave him, but I am scared to, because I have invested too much money into this relationship, quit my job to move closer to his daughter, and don't think I can afford to live on my own. I am miserable!!!


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  • End your relationship and refocus on self-love instead.

  • Have you tried communicating with him? Have you tried to love him? A lot can be accomplished by asking him to do what it takes to make you happy and vice versa. Most relationships end because one or both focus on their own wants/needs instead of fulfilling each others wants/needs. If each person is focused on making the other happy, it can work.

  • Yeah, this needs to end. You can't ruin your life and his. Life is too short to go on being miserable. Find a decent job and get out. Do it for you and for him.

  • You need to sort out a job, forget the financial loss so far and then do what you know you need to do. You know what that is. If you dont you could end unhappy for the rest of your life. You deserve better! Good luck.

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