I am in love with my wife's sister PT#2

I got up and went to the kitchen and stepped up behind her, I put my hands on her hips, I could feel my hands trembling and she put her hands on mine, She turned to face me and whispered "It's ok, just relax", She led me by my hand to the spare room, She stepped up to me and kissed me, We were standing kissing and she dropped to her knees in front of me, She undid my pants and pulled them and my underwear down, She sat back on her heels, Looked up at me and said "Oh my, I had no idea", She wrapped her hand around my c*** and said "holy s***", She stood up still holding my c*** and kissed me, She stroked me as we kissed, I nervously grabbed her shirt at her waist and puled it up over her head, her huge cleavage covered with sexy freckles, She pressed against me and I swear I could feel her heart beating, She took my shirt off and ran her hands over my chest, I reached behind her back and unclipped her bra, She dropped her hands letting it fall to the floor, Her big b**** didn't even drop, They are amazing, Huge and firm with light pink nipples, I reached down and cupped them and bent my head down, She moaned as I sucked one nipple into my mouth, I pulled her yoga pants to her knees and she wasn't wearing any underwear, I knelt down as she stepped out of her pants, I put my hands on her hips, her p**** is perfect, Soft, Smooth and pink, perfect lips, Puffy, pink and totally bald from laser, I kissed her p**** and she spread her feet, I ran my hands up and down her legs as she grabbed the back of my head pressing my mouth to her p****.
She stepped back and sat on the bed, I spread her knees and licked her for a few minutes as she moaned and ground her hips against me, She pulled me onto the bed, Rolled me onto my back and started sucking me, She was breathing heavy as she looked at me and said "God your d*** is f****** huge", She straddled me and rubbed my k*** against her p****, She was sooooo wet and I could feel every inch slide into her, She got about half way down on it and stopped, She slid back and forth on me and I watched as her huge b**** barley even jiggled, I rolled her onto her back and pressed into her, She moaned "Oh f***", She put her hands on my hips and said "go slow", I slowly worked back and forth as she moaned and groaned, She looked so sexy, We rolled around into and out of every position I could think of, After about 10 minutes she wrapped her arms around my neck and pulled my head to her chest, I sucked her nipples and she whispered in my ear "Don't come in me", I looked at her and asked where she wanted me to come, She nibbled my ear and said "where do you want to come", I said "in your mouth", She bit her lip, Tilted her head back, Closed her eyes then looked at me and said "Ok".
I pulled out, Knelt beside her face as she turned toward me, She grabbed my c*** and took it in her mouth, I came and watched her as she did her best to swallow it all and almost did, When I was done she laid back, Breathing heavy still stroking my c***, She looked at me and then at my c*** and said "Still hard?", I shrugged and she giggled saying "Oh wow".
We had s** once more and she swallowed again, I laid behind her cupping her big b****, She faced me and said "the kids shouldn't find us like this", I went back to my room and for the next three nights I went to bed with her, F***** her and then went back to my room.
She went home for two days and has been here every since, We keep it cool in front of the kids but are all over each other as soon as we are alone, My wife is a good looking woman but I never thought I would be banging a 25 year old who is SOOOOOO hot, She still says its just for me and when my wife comes home our relationship will have to go back to normal but for now she says she is happy to carry on as we have been and says I am by far the biggest she has ever had.
Next week I am going to my cousins wedding and she wants to come with, Should be interesting.

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  • I'm on cat mans side .

    And why in all these fake stories their c.o.ck is always so massive and the women are taken aback by it? Just don't bother cuntface

  • The words of an ugly delusional fat man with a tiny d*** that is either single or married to a f****** mousse. I pity you sir

  • Had me a little black kitten named Sebastion when I was a kid. We had a lot of cats and kittens in our family over the years. Sometimes awful things happen. Like the one that got bit in the head by a neighbor's dog. We watched the poor thing stagger around brain injured for a few minutes then had to put it down. But who could have ever expected or prepared themselves for what got happened to poor little Sebastion. We went down to the barn one morning, my brother and I, and up he comes running like every day. But with a strange, noticeable hole in his neck. Hole? Yes, the exposed pink skin stood out against his black fur, and as he got closer we could see that it was quite deep, but stangely bloodless. It was clean, and that puzzled us. We tried to catch him, get a look, but he got away. We didn't see Sebastion again for some time, but when he came back the hole was bigger. Like half his neck was gone. We could see his veins, vocal cords, deep inner tissue. What happened? We looked deeper, then saw it. Something wriggling around in there, some kind of parasite, eating him away. How s***** is that. We had to put him down. Pretty disgusting, right? I told you I would be. This is what you get for shoving your hack-written t*** on me. So your lowlife infidelity turns out to be a boring cliche crap fest to make the world believe you got a donkey d***. I still wasn't as disgusting as you.

  • You're one of those people you hear about in the news. You know,.. one of those sick f**** that stalk little old ladies then get thrown in general population and get an early release in a box.
    If you don't like a story then just say it and keep you sickness to yourself.

  • What makes you think that? Maybe it's because you're the one who's tripping in the head, because it's not like I enjoyed or asked for it. Did I. No. Sometimes life hands you these things, buddy. This one time for instance I was standing at the bus stop minding my own business when a baby squirrel dashes into traffic and before I could react react or avert my eyes, right under the tire of the first oncoming car. Now what your not-so endearingly puny mind can't comprehend is the correlation between another boring "my pecker's huge!" story and a life experience that profoundly disturbed me. Believe me, I took no kore in it than I did watching my one cat vomit up a tapeworm the size of Texas, or one the one that got so riddled with worms they were infesting his tail. Don't insult my character, it was part of life on the farm growing up, and you learn to deal. Personally, I think that for attacking my character, a reflection of your own character flaws come out. The op is a pretty repulsive person who treats his wife like an afterthought. You're a repulsive person for assuming. My experiences have had repulsive moments, but you're just one more, and it too will pass, turkey.

  • *took no more pleasure in watching my cat puke up the tapewo....oh, you got the picture? Oh good, you seem slow so I had to make sure that's clear.

  • F*** off

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