I am in love with my wife's sister PT#1

My wife is in an institution due to a mental break and being a danger to herself and refusing to take her meds, There is no evidence she will be coming home anytime soon but I have stayed close to her family so they can spend time with the kids.
My wifes sister stays with us a couple times a month not only to visit the kids but also to help me out when I need, Last week she stayed for a few days and the first night we sat and had a couple glasses of wine and she asked me how I was doing, I told her fine and we continued talking, Eventually she looked at me and said "It must be difficult", I told her it was and she said "If there is anything more I can do", I said "you already do so much, thank you, Really", I could tell she was trying to say something but couldn't find the words, Finally she asked "Is there any other women", I said "god ,no" I explained that I couldn't do that and that I was still married even if my wife wasn't home, She explained that she wouldn't blame me if I did and that she realizes that men have needs, we talked for a bit and I told her even if I wanted to I couldn't bring someone else into the kids lives and that I would be scared of catching something.
She bit her bottom lip, Put her hand on my leg, Shrugged her shoulders and said "I can help you if you want", My heart stopped, I froze, staring at her, I swallowed hard and stuttered I said "I...I...Um...", she stopped me and said "Look, I'm not saying anything more than if you need to...Or want to...I would...For you, No strings, It doesn't have to be weird and I would never say anything, I'm not looking for anything I just want to say that I am here for you...if you want".
I didn't know what to say or do, she got up to pour more wine and came back, Sat beside me and took a drink, my wife's sister is one of those girls that every guy looks at no matter where she goes, 25, Beautiful, perfect body, big b****, Lots of freckles, She broke up with her boyfriend 4 months ago when she realized he wasn't going anywhere in life and has been single since as far as I know, I looked at her and she looked at me, I said "I would love to but I can't", She looked into my eyes and said "It's ok, If you change your mind...just tell me", She got up and walked to the kitchen, I couldn't take my eyes off her ass as she walked.

Sep 28, 2016

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  • Sounds like an understanding woman, several possibles. Either she likes you and if her sister never comes home, maybe she will be your new woman? Maybe she is just h**** and you seem like a safe outlet? Or maybe she just wants to make sure you don't move on and abandon her sister.
    In any event, come to terms and probably no reason why not, I used to have s** not only with my wife's sister, but also her Mother and that all worked out fine over 3 decades.
    Sure beats bar hopping trying to find s**, or using some h*****.

  • There's going to be a part 2 to this tripe? Well, ok then: if you're going to shovel your load of literary spew at my face, I'm going to do the same to you. I'm sitting on my toilet right now. I've read your post while doing a solid doo. Yep, you read me. A big stinking doo. I've been here a while. Read your lobotomized bumbo jumbo, every gut-churning word accompanied by a hard squeeze of the bowel. As I write this, the remaining excretions clinging to the curly hairs of my behind have solidified. Removing them to restore me to a hygienic state will take will take some effort. But I must be careful. You know why? Because I could potentially have something in common with you if I don't. You know what that is? Last time you had a piece of ass was when your finger tore through the toilet paper. F*** you, I can't wait to show you what I got in store your Part 2, a******.

  • F*** you b**** you big d*** but I give you a like

  • I did too, which is more than OP got. commenter has a point

  • Until visiting this site I honestly had no idea just how prevalent the l*** is for in-laws. Especially sisters-in-law. I'm not surprised, however, at how schemingly underhanded these husbands' betrayals are. Take for example the lowlife OP, whose wife is sick and hospitalized. Or the other guy who posted about molesting his sil in her sleep. Just all around low. Like, it's not bad enough to want to cheat on your wife, not bad enough to go after her sister, but you have to conspire for the right opportunity, which usually turns out to be while one or the other is incapacitated. But hey, it's ok cuz she has a nice can, right? That's how pathological you are, how sick and corrupt. You know what? If you were truly honest about who you are, the type of man you are, your wedding photos above your fireplace would show you exchanging vows with your REAL true love: your tiny little willie.

  • Impotent fool

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