We're done--get out of my life

M, I know we have been arguing a lot and things haven't been good, but if you wanted to break up with me, you could have just said so. I wouldn't have been happy with it, but I could have respected that. We could have at least talked about it.

You did not have to break up by sending me that video of T. sucking your d*** at B's party. By mentioning my name in the vid and telling me we were done while she was sucking you off, you have humiliated me. Did you f*** her too? Was she good? I hate both of you.

I don't want to see you ever again. Ever. Not at the supermarket, the library, at a concert, anywhere. If by chance we cross paths, you better run the other way. You are the lowest form of life on Earth.

Sep 28, 2016

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  • Boys who use next-level humiliation to communicate that they're done deserve to be tortured. They are not men, they are cowardly little wastes of skin who are not worthy of interacting with adults.

    I'm with OP. Run the other way, Darren. Don't even be in the same state as me, Robbie. I am stronger than I was when either of you knew me and I WILL ANNIHILATE YOU. You were cowards before and you'll be worse than dead cowards when I get done with you.

  • That's how he broke up with you? What is wrong with people? I wonder why any girl goes for a guy who treats his girl like that. No class at all.

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