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That I love my lover more than my husband

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  • I chose to have both in my life!! Why should I give it up.. My lover doesn't mind and the husband doesn't know!!

  • This is exactly the right answer! I've had lovers a few times during the course of my 17+-year marriage and I just loved them and loved the experience and my husband never ever knew. The affair that lasted longest was almost ten years and only ended because he and his wife moved far away. I still see him about twice a year on average, and I still love him more than all of the others and more than my husband. I guess I should make this a separate confession of my own, but this is as good a place as any: one of my children is actually his. He knows, but neither my husband nor anyone else on the planet knows, and his paternity and our secret is one of the very sweetest and most special things in my life, and I love that child more than the others. Had our lives been different, had we met before we married our spouses, this man and I would have been together and neither of us would have ever cheated. We've discussed that many times and we both know it's true. We also both know it's true love, the thing we have between us, and that love makes our lives complete.

    I hope you'll do as this woman's reply suggests, dear: keep them both. Enjoy them both. Love them both.

    Can there possibly be such a thing as too much love in our lives? I think not.

  • There's no reason that you can't have them both. And you SHOULD have them both.

  • divorce the slob...he needs a chance to find someone too

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