Fat Women Are The Best Barnon

I had a fat chick that I met on plenty of fish. I’m really fit and 6’ 1 and hadn’t have any in a while due to being in Iraq for 2 years. The girl asked me what I want and she went “to town” sucking. Seriously she should had a Master’s in sucking because she took a shower put on some nice music, pjs, shampoo in her hair and she went “Ham No Cheese.”There was so much motivation, diligence, and planning put into it you wouldn’t even imagine. She throated for maybe 30 minutes. And took a break only to go at it again. I never had anything like that in my life. Black women hardly like to go down and when they do. There are limitation.What I wouldn’t do to have a women like that only African American. I would probably get married.

Jan 24

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I find it fun to hurt boys **

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  • Best what?... Being pigs, being lazy, unhealthy, greedy, irresponsible, gross, sloppy? Fat chicks are sexually the lowest rung of the sexual ladder. They have no regard for themselves. They have low self esteem, poor impulse control and they are selfish, greedy, gluttonous and just all around disgusting people and many are mentally screwed. I don't even remotely get the attraction.

  • Fatties love the oral pleasures.

  • Fat chicks love the oral pleasures. Be it food or ** they go for it like champs. After being with hot thin girls almost exclusively most of my dating life, I met and married a big gorgeous fatty. Best decision of my life.

  • We do it because we want to make up for the fact we are not as attractive.

    If I am an amazing lover he won’t want anything or anyone else

  • Fat chicks are the best. They ** like no tomorrow and a lot of them love to do it in the **. I married a fatty and wouldn't trade her for all the skinny chicks in the world.

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