Fondled my passed out sister in law

Nobody likes my sister in law (my wife's brother's wife). I feel bad for her sometimes because the family talks s*** about her behind her back, but she's really not nice to anyone. She also has a tendency to get pass out/black out drunk. We were at a wedding, and she had way too much to drink at the reception. My BIL wanted to her go home before she got too obnoxious, but he was in the wedding party and didn't want to leave. I volunteered to take her. It was not entirely a noble gesture. There have been times were she has gotten so drunk and passed out, we would joke around and see if we could get her to wake up, but she was out cold. And she would do crazy stuff before passing out and deny it the next day. I was hoping she would pass out in my car, so I could touch her t*** and her p****. She talked for a little bit, saying she was glad to leave and that is was a stupid wedding. Soon she was just mumbling. I asked if she enjoyed the wedding. She slurred "It was ok." I asked if she had fun dancing. "I didn't dance." (She did.) Then she nodded off. I nudged her. She groaned. I put my hand on her leg, but she didn't respond. Her dress was a little too tight to move my hand up, so I felt as much of her exposed thigh as I could. I grabbed her b******, but couldn't get to much under the bra by the time we got to her house. I tried to wake her up to get her inside, but she didn't budge. I took the opportunity now that I wasn't driving to run my hand all the way up her dress. I rubbed the tops of her thighs and felt her lacy panties. She started groaning again, so I stopped. I spread her legs as far as I could and took a picture of her panties with my phone, but it didn't turn out very good. I moving my hand down the top of her dress again, and she started to wake up. She asked where we were. I said home. She asked "What about the wedding." I told her we left because it was stupid. "But I wanted to dance." I helped her out of the car and to the door. She said she just wanted to get out of this dress and go to bed. My eyes lit up. She tossed off her shoes and lost her balance. I don't know if she would have actually fallen, but I caught her anyway. I had both hands around her waist, and as she regained her balance, I moved one hand down and cupped her ass. She was indignant because she didn't need help, but didn't acknowledge that my had was on her ass. She started up the stairs and I followed her. As she walked to the bedroom, she tried to unzip the back of dress, but couldn't. I put my hands on her shoulders to get her to lower her arms, and I lowered the zipper. She said she didn't need help. I said I would let her do the rest herself. I got my phone out again and filmed her taking off her dress. And her bra. She tried putting on a night shirt, but again had trouble. I set the phone down (propped up and still recording) and went over to help her. Or I should say I told her I was helping her, when really I was just fondling her b******. She was barely awake at this point, so I told her it would be easier to put the shirt on if she sat down on the bed. She sat down and seemed to forget about the shirt. I grabbed my phone again and took my d*** out. She laid back, legs still hanging off the edge of the bed. I gently pulled off her panties. I was tempted to f*** her, but I was afraid that might be pushing it. I rubbed my d*** on her bush and fingered her b*******. She never moved. I straddled her and put my d*** between her t***. I even got a few pictures of my c*** in her mouth. I wanted to do so much more, but I had to get back. I knelt beside her and came on her t***. I cleaned it up and managed to get her shirt and panties on her. I put her under the covers and went back to the wedding. My BIL thanked me, but I told him it was no trouble. Anytime. The next day, she didn't even remember that I was the one who brought her home. But she remembered the wedding was stupid.


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  • I have done something similar with my wife's cousin. It's hot

  • Yep wife’s sister. Did it all! Spent ALOT of time licking her ass. Just laid her passed out blonde ass on her belly and spread that a****** and p**** and licked them clean!

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