I believe in divorce

I realise that getting a divorce is harder on some people than it is for others but if I had not divorced my wife I would have been bankrupted by an openly disloyal woman who was in love with another man.

She was vile-tempered and I believe a bit psychotic.

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  • Good for you :)

    I don't believe in marriage.I believe you can still love someone and be committed, without getting married.

    Anyways, I hope you're much happier now.

  • I am a woman and I am divorced as well. We are human. As humans we error - we make mistakes. It only stands to reason that we can make a mistake or an error when selecting a mate. You did, and I did too. Now I am divorced and MUCH happier. And my ex is happier too. We made a mistake, but we rectified it. Wasn't an easy process at all times, but a necessary one all the same.

  • Interesting how someone we fall in love with goes from being being the love of our life to being an absolute b****

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