My life got turned upside down

WTF!!! What just happened, I just got home from my moms house, What the h*** is going on.
I called my mom on my way over to her house and told her I had to stop by and grab my daughters jacket she had left there after school yesterday, thinking back now she did sound panicked or rushed or something but I didn't think anything of it, I walked up, opened the door and walked in, her and her friend Sheryl whom I have known since childhood were sitting at the table having coffee, It seemed a bit strange that she was there so early but again didn't think about it, I new mom had the day off work but a few minutes later Sheryl said she had to go to work, She went down the hall and returned with her purse and coat.
I thought it was weird that she had her purse and coat in the bedroom but it still didn't register, my mom got up and walked Sheryl to the door and that was when it happened, I heard Sheryl say "see you later", my mom said "Ok, Have a good day" and then Sheryl said "Love you" and my mom said it back, I froze thinking I had not heard correctly but then I heard them kiss WTF!!!!!
my mom walked back into the kitchen and sat down, She looked at me and I can only imagine the look of pure shock on my face, I stared at her and said "What was that?", she said "I am sorry, I didn't want you to find out this way", she told me that her and Sheryl have always been close and after Sheryl got divorced 3 years ago they started spending more time together and it just "Naturally" progressed into a relationship, How does that naturally progress into anything, I have lots of friends I am close to and it has never progressed to that.
they have "Been together" for a few months and Sheryl just started staying at my moms, I don't know how to process this and have no one to turn to, I cant tell my husband that my mom is...I don't even know what to call it, She is normally my "Go to" and for obvious reasons cant talk to her about it, Not going to talk to any of my friends about it and don't know how to process this.
WHAT DO I DO??????


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  • Love is where you find it. Your mom's happy, be happy for her for Christ's sake. There's too much loneliness in this world, she's not lonely, she's in love. How can that possibly be a bad thing.

  • Grow up a by d be happy for your mam, you have a husband and you know what it feels like to have someone by your side, you mam might not have that much time left on this earth you can spend the rest of her remaining years being weirded out by this or get on with it and be happy your mam has someone special in her life and does not spend every night alone in front of the TV.

  • Oh please, She is only 45 she has a lot of life left, That's a rude thing to say to someone.

  • Don't do anything. Sheryl and your Mom have likely been bi their whole lives. They love each other. That's good.

  • Be happy for her. It's not easy to find companionship, and no easier to come out to you. That took strength and courage. I see no negatives in this, but then I don't judge people for whom they love. Even if you can't accept it, please do have the courtesy to pass along my congratulations and best wishes to the happy couple.

  • I'm having a girl girl realtionship with a mom I met at kids play group. It's so hot. Neither of us wish to break up with our husbands. It's just a different part of our life and a part that no one else knows about.

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