They enrage me..

I hate male babies and toddlers. Seeing their little smelly peenuses and nuts drives me mad. I want to bite, slap, punch, and squeeze their little private zones until they turn purple. I want to hear them scream like they do when they are getting forcibly circumcised. I want to circumcise them myself, the lil bastards! I'm so jealous of the Doctors who get to do it. They are always male! Not fair. They get to have all of the sadistic, evil fun. I hate male kids. They are evil deep down, and will grow up to be evil and perverted men. Their stinking lil peenuses will be used to rape innocent females. They should be castrated at birth. Hey, they mutilate female genitals in many f****** g****** motherfuvking countries!!!!! Mutilate them!!! They remove the entire c******* with pieces of glass and f****** scissors!!!!! G****** their sick societies that do this to women and girls!!! G****** them! Males need to suffer. Us women suffer enough in our lives!!! F*** the patriarchy and lil stinking males! I want to kill them!!!!!!



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  • The year of the dog chinese new year well that explains why meghan is marrying again. seeing they are both a pair of dogs.

  • Looks like someone got raped and deep down inside liked it ! Now she's turning her aggression on little boys . Maybe she needs to be raped one more time to shut her up . Do it twice to her even!


  • What the f*** is wrong with you? Not all men are rapists. Maybe you should have your privates cut off in the most brutal way. And you want to do this to a BABY? A baby that either doesn't or barely knows his ABCs? Sick f***. If you had a child, how would you feel if you read something like this? Get help, talk to a therapist, or better yet, stay away from kids and don't have them yourself. People DISGUST me

  • Fake f*****

  • You are horrible ,get yourself committed there us something seriously wrong with you . Little boys are the sweetest little guys ,as a mother your post worries me . Seriously get some mental help.

  • You keep posting this s*** and we keep telling you to get psychiatric help. Quit trolling.

  • I make my son wear dresses. he's 10 and used to it. We have talked about how the tradional roles of men and women are no longer appropriate and he knows I love him and that p**** thing should only be used once or twice at his future wife's direction when she wants a baby.

  • I think that parents who feminize their little boys should be rewarded . Most males grow up to be pathetic wimps so why not do the world a favor and raise ethem as girls so they have something to look forward to in their future

  • Your a liar because if this is true the authorities would arrest you for child abuse.

  • Putting a boy in a dress isn't child abuse, especially if he got used to it and wants to dress up like that.

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