I just want someone, anyone to genuinely say to me that I am not a worthless individual.

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  • You aren't worthless. You're if you let yourself be and if you let people, treat you that way :)

  • Gotta love yourself 1st, even though it's hard as F*** to do sometimes. I struggle with this myself.

  • Why should people lie for u i think ur useles as t*** on a bull

  • And I think you're nothing but a pathetic troll.

  • You aren't worthless you are weak. You are weak because you seek external validation. Who you are comes from inside. You don't need others to tell you what you already know.

  • God loves ypu.
    God made you.
    You are beautiful.

  • Cut the s*** god made the moores murderers are they beautiful

  • What did you do when someone tried to show you that you have worth?

  • No one hears knows you so take anything anyone says with a grain of salt. However no one is worthless so I can say in all honesty you are not worthless.

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