You're all perverts

You're all disgusting worthless perverts on this site.

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  • I take that as a compliment and sincerely would like to thank you, I've invested a great deal of time into becoming a pervert and have a nice warm fuzzy feeling inside to have finally received recognition for my efforts,and thank you for your approval.

  • Boohoo dipfuck. Go and die, cause you a a worthless pos honhonhon

  • No one here gives a f*** what you think just saying I know I'm a pervert and I don't care who has a problem with it

  • Hello fellow pervs!!

    Go on reddit. Search for the user hornyforhummus
    I just type reddit hornyforhummus and her profile is pretty much the first one .
    She's a dirty cow and has a nice hairy pu$$y,and she posts v nice pics and vids of her,and I have jacked loads to her.
    The other day I saw she posted a new one called bright red lips (I've just had a look and its on page 2 of her profile,she's been a busy w****!).
    Please please look at it and zoom in!!!
    And tell me WHAT THE F*** you think that thing is by her a$$hole!!
    The day that appeared she also posted another,and it was super apparent,and she soon deleted it,but it seems she's missed this one!!
    Gotta admit its put me off jacking to her....for now lol.
    But yeah,please let me know what you reckon

  • Mate,that's a b***** worm!!!!!!! What a dirty dirty b****😷 I feel sick

  • Point being?

  • I am a pervert. I am a social outcast. I hang around here with other perverts. I am a f******. I am weak. I get off fantasising about s*** that is socially wrong. I get off on power because I have none.

    And your issue is?

    Like actually who gives a f***. You are f***** too. Welcome to the club.

  • Yeah me too bro i believe my life’s motive is too destroy womanhood

  • Hello from the UK, I too am a pervert,I sniff panties and I jack to women being degraded👍
    I'm proud to be part of the club

  • Welcome to brotherhood i wish ur hunt goes successful everyday let's teach a lesson to these b******

  • You might want to master basic English before you get back to fantasizing about "teaching a lesson" to anything besides your right hand.

  • Yes sir a need some lessons would appreciate if ur sis can do it

  • She can but she won't, that's your punishment for being a loser

  • I am your mother!!! How dare you call me that!

  • I'm not a pervert. Yes I have s** with my sister but that doesn't mean I'm perverted.

  • Yes Ma’am we are all we are interested in ur dirty panties , clean tight bald puss y, incest. Please contact us for over services we will f the h ell out of you. Thank you

  • Yes if the panties are tiny ones, and nice tight bald p**** rules

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