Girls, are you hiding your strength through kindness?

I'm a guy and girl made me her b**** today, she absolutely destroyed me all because her friend started crying because I laughed at her getting a d in film studies. Her overdramatic friend was crying her eyes out at lunchtime about it, absolutely wailing. And we were all 15 right, and she was crying like a baby. What I wanna know is with girls is what the h***, do you guys have an ultra special bond with your friends cause this girl who beat me up was smaller than me and weak. And she absolutely destroyed me, when she seen me she went for me and beat me up so so badly. She cornered me throwing a fist and a kick wherever she could for as long as 5 whole minutes until people were holding her back. For the last minute she noticed how much I was gasping for air because of the way she was kicking me in the stomach so she strangled me for all that time and despite how hard I pulled I could not get her skinny arms away from my neck. And that was the only reason she was stopped, was because she was not gonna let go. She didn't break my nose somehow but a black eye, lip burst, cuts around my face and like 5 bruises around my hip and stomach and all. I just wanna say never underestimate a girl they aren't weak like really is there some point where they just snap and become a wrecking machine cause I want to know.

Oct 4, 2016

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  • You got off easy. I was kneed in the b**** by a girl so hard that she put me in the hospital. Some girls can fight but most can't................

  • P****

  • ^ YES ^

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