The day I turned down an offer for **

My best friends ugly sisters biological clock was ticking. She was nearly forty and unmarried. She was desperate to have a child.

She said that since I was such an old friend of the family that if I wanted to she would have my child and that she would support it alone.

Here's why I turned her down. I have chronic asthma which is inherited. I have a genetically damaged spine which is of course inherited and a personality disorder which kept me from making good grades in school.

She herself has diabetes.

I could not bring myself to have a child under these horrible circumstances.

As it was she picked a strong healthy blonde who was a football player in college who made good grades to father her child. He got her pregnant and guess what?

Her child has diabetes. She would have inherited my weak genetic traits too probably.

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  • God, what a bunch of waterheads in the comments...
    OP, you actually thought this through and should be commended for it. I wish this kind of thing happened a lot more often.
    Your best friend's sister was a typical breeder moron, and if I ever see a GoFundMe from some b.itch begging for diabetes supplies, I will troll it just in case it's her. What an idiot!

  • U should ** her then let her worry bout kid u hav ur fun

  • Id ** her and not worry bout kid

  • If she bring up kid why do u worry bout it just fill her up

  • Dude we dont need u n the gene pool

  • I agree wit other comments ur ** should b extracted

  • So hitler was right all along u and ugly friend should b neutered

  • People lik ye should be casterated

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